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CONFIRMED: ‘Festival of the Lion King’ Tumble Monkeys and Birds Have a Return Date

festival of the lion king

Disney fans’ favorite performers are back! Journalist Ashley Carter has just shared that some key performers are coming back to the Festival of the Lion King in the Animal Kingdom’s Camp Minnie Mickey — and now we finally know exactly when their return can be expected!

Walt Disney World Resort’s Animal Kingdom theme park has made fans smile and laugh with its “Festival of the Lion King” show for years. After closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Disney Park show finally has returned to Camp Minnie Mickey and Harambe Theatre, but up until now it did not include some of the best parts of the show: the acrobatic Tumble Monkeys and the aerial performers who played “the birds”.

Festival of the Lion King

The Tumble Monkeys from the Festival of the Lion King in Harambe Theatre within Camp Minnie Mickey at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Credit: Disney

We already suspected that the birds would be returning, since Disney was hiring acrobats and aerial artists recently (with the specific stipulation that they have“excellent ballet technique, strong partnering skills, and the ability to perform at heights”). Now we can happily report that our suspicions were right!

The Tumble Monkeys’ return to the Festival of the Lion King show was also confirmed on TikTok in the video below!


It…is….time 🐵 Tumble Monkeys are making their return this Summer #Disney #DisneyParks #DisneyWorld #AnimalKingdom #FestivalOfTheLionKing #Monkey

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But now we know that they will be back on July 16 — so if you’re headed to the Animal Kingdom and Camp Minnie Mickey in Walt Disney World Resort to see this particular Disney attraction, be sure to book your Disney vacation and Animal Kingdom tickets for July 16 or later so that you and your family or your friends don’t miss out on seeing these showstopping performers as they celebrate the 1994 Disney movie The Lion King!

Acrobats and trapeze artists or aerial performers are always crowd-pleasers (after all, not everyone can tumble like Tumble Monkeys or fly through the air as beautifully as the Festival of the Lion King birds) but the wonderful costumes and vibrant atmosphere of the Festival of the Lion King show combines with these performers’ talents to make for one entertaining, awe-inspiring show!

festival of the lion king birds

The birds in the Festival of the Lion King are coming back soon!

Have you been waiting for these birds and monkeys’ return to the Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort? Is the Animal Kingdom your favorite theme park in Walt Disney World Resort, or do you prefer others like the Disney water parks, Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, and Hollywood Studios?

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