Former Disney Employee Exposes Enormous Park “Scam”


Many Disney Park Guests think that their goal with every Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort vacation (not to mention other Disney theme parks across the pond or even further worldwide) should be to experience as much time within the Disney Parks as possible and to maximize their customer experience by waking up very early in the morning for Early Entry into Disney Parks.

Being in a Disney Park like the Magic Kingdom for the daily “rope drop” is considered to be a necessity for many repeat Disney visitors — but one former Cast Member has just burst those Disney Guests’ bubble and revealed the truth about the Early Entry system!

Surviving Disney With Teens

Apparently, the Early Entry “rope drop” option is not just a way to heighten Guests’ anticipation before their big day in a Disney Park like the Magic Kingdom — it’s also a strategically-thought-out way to move people into the theme park in droves, and according to this former Disney Park greeter, it is not actually very beneficial for the Guests themselves.

TikTok user Sara (@the3.mouseketeers), who used to be a Magic Kingdom greeter and greet Guests as they entered the famous Walt Disney World Resort location, explained in a video on the social media platform that Early Entry is a “total scam”.

Disney World Crowded

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According to Sara, it doesn’t actually matter if you’re staying onsite for your Disney vacation; in the video shown below, she explains that Cast Members will “allow everybody that comes in through” whether or not they’re staying on Disney property or at certain Deluxe Resorts. Sara also explained that, because of this, every line is “an Early Entry line.”

This is because Disney’s Early Entry system is apparently “perfect crowd control,” meant to push more and more people into the Disney Park by letting them in bit by bit and allowing them to surge forward in spurts.

Sara recommends circumventing Disney crowd manipulations and enjoying this time by shopping on Main Street U.S.A or lining up for the crucial “second rope drop” in Adventureland, instead of allowing yourself to be pushed deeper and deeper into the Magic Kingdom just so that Disney can let in more people.

Sara also added the following important advice: be easygoing and friendly “when a Cast Member is telling you that an area is off limits”, instead of being one of those Disney Guests who bring down the value of the experience for everyone around them.


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“Don’t you think that’s a little above their pay grade?” Sara asked, specifically referencing the difficult situation that Disney employees are in right now in regards to being underpaid.

The former Disney employee was also an advocate for offsite accommodations in general during Walt Disney World Resort vacations, saying the following in the video’s comments: “it’s almost like some ppl shame others for staying offsite & honestly I think there are wonderful options.”

Do you use Disney’s Early Entry option, or did you already feel like this offering was a “scam” before hearing it from a former Cast Member?

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