Tigger Performer Goes “Off-Script” And Steals From Cast Member


The lovable tiger named Tigger, from Winnie the Pooh and the Hundred Acre Wood, is up to some antics in at least one Disney Park! While enjoying the offerings of Disneyland Paris recently, a Disney Guest (@mademoiselle_angelique) saw the character Tigger blatantly stealing a large quantity of balloons from a Cast Member who was selling them.

Tigger then proceed to run away with the balloons, dodging the Cast Member and even engaging in a bit of arm wrestling before finally handing them over and facing a scolding!

This naughty behavior was praised by Disneyland Paris Guests who watched the ‘altercation’ — and since so many Character Meet and Greets are fairly run-of-the-mill in Disney Parks, behavior like this was most definitely out of the ordinary. Take a look at the video below to see Tigger on the run! 



Guests’ bad behavior is such a tremendous problem in Disney Parks (whether they are part of Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Resort, or otherwise) that there is actually a documentary being made about the unpleasant phenomenon, but apparently bad behavior from character performers while they are “friends” with Disney characters (like Tigger) is more than welcome!

Instead of criticizing Tigger and the Cast Member or character performer who was playing Tigger in Disneyland Paris, fans enthusiastically praised Tigger for his antics — and even mentioned other funny experiences that they had had with similarly-mischievous Disney characters!

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For example, one Instagram user wrote that “Chip and Dale took [their] grandmother’s purse one time. And started using it as a ball. Throwing it to each other.” This kind of behavior is certainly expected from adventurous mischief-makers like Chip and Dale, and from Tigger as well!

Some Disney fans were actually worried about the character performer losing their job with Disneyland Paris, however, because Disney has become known for penalizing employees who act out of the ordinary in any way — even if that abnormal behavior makes Guests happy.

One character performer and Disney employee who played Peter Pan was reportedly removed from Disney employment because he was too good at the job, and fans specifically wanted to see him all the time as Peter Pan! 

The Tigger Movie Poster

The Tigger Movie Credit: Disney

“I feel like this was so off script for the cast members,” one Disney fan wrote on Instagram. “Unscripted indeed,” another fan wrote. “Never seen this happen before. Idk if this is even allowed with cast members…did someone get terminated?”
Let’s hope that Disneyland Paris higher-ups are feeling forgiving and that Tigger’s antics are recognized as a bit of fun whimsy (which is, indeed, accurate for the character) — or if not, perhaps this other Instagram user is right and Tigger was acting up because “that was…his last day and he knew it!”

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