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Recent Closures Restrict Guests from Meeting Disney Princesses

disneyland paris princess meet

One of the best global Disney Parks has recently announced new restrictions that will restrict the opportunities for meeting princesses. One of the best parts of a Disney vacation, be it at the domestic Disney Parks like Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort or the global ones like Disneyland Paris or Tokyo Disney Resort, is being able to meet ...

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Disney Reveals New Nighttime Show Inspired by Main Street Electrical Parade

Disney Symphony of Colors

The Walt Disney Company has taken some criticism for ending its cherished Main Street Electrical Parade with no replacement at Walt Disney World in Florida. Fans have begged for its return or something to fill the nighttime void. However, Disney has been silent on any new offerings. Nevertheless, it seems one park will get a modern Main Street Electrical Parade, ...

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Disney Updates Technology in Pirates of the Caribbean, Guests Remain Unimpressed

disneyland paris pirates caribbean

The Walt Disney Company is always looking to update guest experience at the parks, however, a recent change that Disney instituted in one global Disney Park hasn’t been well received by guests. While the Walt Disney World Resort is undoubtedly one of the best places in the world to enjoy a Disney vacation, the Central Florida Disney resort is only ...

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Surprise! TWO New Attractions Pop Up in Disney App

disneyland paris app map phone

We all can’t wait for new Disney attractions to be announced for the theme parks. At the Disneyland Resort in California and the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, guests are eagerly awaiting the news of confirmed rides ready for the Disney Parks to compete with Universal Orlando’s Epic Universe park coming in 2025. Not much is in the pipeline ...

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Missing Teen Who Disappeared During Disney Vacation Has Been Found

disneyland paris missing teenager

Young teenager Amber Victoria Palm, who went missing during the Disney vacation she took with her family, has been found safe and sound. A few weeks ago, South African teenager Amber Victoria Palm went missing when she left her hotel in the dead of night while vacationing with her family at Disneyland Paris. Amber Victoria was last seen leaving Disney’s ...

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Police Share Update on Teen Who Went Missing During Disney Vacation

disneyland paris teen missing

The police have shared an update on a teenage girl who went missing during a Disney vacation with her family to Disneyland Paris. On August 7, a South African teenager who was holidaying at Disneyland Paris with her family, Amber Victoria Palm, was seen leaving her hotel in the middle of the night; specifically, she left Disney’s Hotel Santa Fe ...

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“My Advice? Don’t Go to Disney”; Frustrated Dad Slams Parks Experience

Frustrated Dad Slams Disney

A Disney vacation has always been an expensive experience, between airfare, hotels, food, park tickets, merchandise, and more. However, most people would have argued that the money was worth the experience. That is not the case as much anymore. Disney is still expensive, but now, the average family is priced out, and a lot of people who visit think that ...

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Disney Cast Member Reportedly Fired for Following Company Policy in a “Witch Hunt”

disneyland paris employee fired

A former Disney cast member from Disney’s Parisian park was reportedly fired for refusing to put whipped cream and Nutella on a guest’s waffles. Stories about cast members at the Disney Parks being treated badly are unfortunately as old as time, whether it’s at Central Florida’s Walt Disney World Resort or Southern California’s Disneyland Resort. Cast members have come forward ...

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Fans Call On Disney to Demolish and Rebuild Theme Park to “Disney Standards”

disneyland paris walt disney studios park

After one beloved Disney Park shared a “top tip,” fans were beyond frustrated and called on Disney to demolish the theme park and rebuild it to meet proper standards. Going to a Disney Resort is an experience like no other, whether its a domestic Disney Theme Park like Magic Kingdom or Disney’s Hollywood Studios Theme Park at Walt Disney World Resort, ...

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Swimmers Invade Off-Limits Disney Lake for Dangerous Swim

disney swimming

Open water swimming, or swimming in any body of water, can be grounding and invigorating. However, swimming can also be dangerous, especially in bodies of water that are off-limits and do not have lifeguards. Danger’s No Stranger Here The danger only increases in states like Florida (where the bodies of water contain predators like alligators) or along coastlines (where the ...

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