‘Game of Thrones’ Author Takes on New Marvel Project

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It appears that Game of Thrones creator George R.R. Martin is teaming up with Marvel for an adaptation of yet another one of his book series.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Marvel will be adapting the first book of Martin’s Wild Cards series into a new Comic Book series.

George R.R. Martin

Credit: THR

“As my fans may already know, the Wild Cards World holds a special place in my heart,” Martin said. “So to have the privilege of announcing that an industry titan like Marvel is going to produce the narrative from the beginning as a comic book brings me no end of joy.”

Writer Paul Cornell and artist Mike Hawthorne have signed on to bring the comic book to life.

Wild Cards is still a unique take on superheroes, a creation story that’s influenced everything since, but still maintains its power,” Cornell said. “It’s an honor and a pleasure to bring all these wonderful stories to their natural home at Marvel.”

Founded in 1987, Wild Cards takes place in an alternate post-WW2 reality where humans have superpowers due to an alien virus spreading across the world. Called “the Wild Card virus,” infected persons either draw “the black queen”–died–, become “Jokers” left with strange and severe mental or physical disabilities, or become “Aces” and adopt superhuman mental and physical abilities. Some of the “Aces” use their powers for good, while others choose evil.

Wild Cards by George RR Martin


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Wild Cards is a collection of tales written by Martin, but also Roger Zelazny, Walter Jon Williams, Howard Waldrop, and Lewis Shiner. But it is Martin who edited the collection and holds namesake over the franchise.

A Wild Cards TV series is reportedly in development at Disney+’s streaming competitor Peacock, but one has to wonder if the Marvel comics deal will be the first step to Disney bringing another fantasy franchise under its corporate umbrella.

Marvel’s Wild Cards: The Drawing of the Cards #1 is expected to hit shelves by June 1.

Wild Cards Comic Cover

Credit: Marvel

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