Guest Says Disney World Locals “Kinda Suck”

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Many people dream about taking a Walt Disney World Resort vacation. It’s no secret that a Disney vacation is expensive, so it’s not something a lot of people can do year after year. Booking a Disney World vacation is a memorable moment, and then the planning begins. Thinking about what rides you want to go on, what characters you want to meet, and what delicious food you want to indulge in. By the time your Disney World vacation rolls around, it seems impossible that anything could go wrong.

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However, there are some Guests who visit Walt Disney World on a regular — sometimes weekly — basis. Those are the people who live near the Parks and consider themselves huge Disney fans. While those who don’t get to visit Disney World a lot take in all that the Parks have to offer, the locals won’t always operate that way. Visiting the Parks often means that you make take some things for granted, like just how special watching a nighttime spectacular is. And one Twitter user has had enough of the locals ruining the Park experience.

Happily Ever After

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Ryan @ For The Love Of Theme Parks (Ryan_@FTLOTP) visited Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom Park to see the return of the popular fireworks show Happily Ever After. Happily Ever After had been replaced by Disney Enchantment for the 50 Anniversary, but returned to the Magic Kingdom on April 3. Ryan was excited to see the show return, but wasn’t excited when the surrounding Guests started screaming the lyrics.

Y’all last night was baaaad.

I legit couldn’t hear the audio of the show during certain parts because of how loud and inconsiderate some of y’all were.

Let Happily Ever After be Happily Ever After.

Not Happily Ever After + Your tone-deaf-screaming-carpool-karaoke-ass.

Ryan believes that Disney Parks weren’t meant to be visited on a regular basis. They were meant to be a special occasion. However, there are people that have made the Parks a part of their weekly or monthly routine. That’s fine with him. But if you are going to be a Park regular, then you need to be respectful of those who are not. Not everyone is used to seeing the fireworks show, not everyone knows what each attraction is about, and not everyone knows how meet and greets work.

I mean, who doesn’t roll their eyes when multiple people inevitably recite the Haunted Mansion stretching room dialogue? No one wants to hear you. So, a message from Ryan and all non-locals who visit Disney — be respectful.

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