Here’s Exactly How to Be Rapunzel From “Tangled” For Halloween

Are you a fan of summer, optimism, simple pleasures, friendly conversations with strangers, and pastel colors like coral or lilac? Then good news! You have a lot in common with Princess Rapunzel, the Disney princess from Tangled–and even though you might already be missing your signature season and its “summer breeze”, your natural bubbliness and optimism means that you’re embracing the warm fuzzies of autumn too. But what to dress as for Halloween? You obviously won’t be in the mood for something dark or genuinely scary–so you might as well go as Rapunzel herself!

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Rapunzel is one of the Disney princesses with the biggest eyes (you can decide for yourself if they’re bigger than Ariel’s), so accentuate your peepers with lots of neutral shimmery shadow on the eyelids, mascara at the roots of your eyelashes, and a nude-colored eyeliner on your lower waterlines and the inner corners of your eyes. Brush your hair out nice and straight to make it look as long as possible (or embellish it with lots of braids and flower petals, if you have short hair), add a little bit of soft pink blush like the one below, and feel free to dot some freckles on your cheeks if you’d like! A light pink lip balm is your last step for hair and makeup. Now, on to your outfit!

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You can certainly buy a Rapunzel dress if you want (and that is the easiest way to recreate her signature pink and purple outfit) but you can also wear anything that’s got lots of pastel, feminine colors! When in doubt, stick with pink and purple. And remember, shoes are optional! Now you’re ready to celebrate–and if your friends need suggestions, remember that we’ve also got the detailed Halloween costume tutorials for Belle, Aurora, and Cinderella, as well! Feeling more villainous? We’ve also got some great Disney villain Halloween costume tutorials here and here!

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