7 Ways To Incorporate Disney Into Your Style

Minnie Mouse Hairstyle

Do you want to display your love of everything Disney, but also value your own personal style? Worry not! Here are seven easy ways to bring Disney influences into your aesthetic, making your look one that’s full of both Disney magic and individuality! 


1. Change your hair.

It’s safe to say that hairstyles are one of Disney characters’ biggest ways to show off their personalities, and this is particularly true when it comes to Disney princesses. You might love Merida’s big wild curls, or Cinderella’s defined ponytail, or perhaps Raya’s long sleek tresses—and the wonderful news is that there’s plenty of easy ways to go about trying them! If Merida’s voluminous hair is your goal, try shampoo-ing your hair upside down and using a shampoo bar instead of a bottled one. These two techniques can add both texture and volume! A hair serum or oil will help you get glossy-looking hair like Raya’s, good-old-fashioned curlers will help you get a look like Aurora’s or Snow White’s, and a simple butterfly twist (i.e. making a ponytail, then making a hole in its base and pulling the ponytail through itself) can be a wonderful way to accentuate your hair in keeping with Cinderella or Belle’s elegant style. Even if your styling effort is minimal, you’ll know in your heart which princess you’re channeling, and that can make all the difference. 

Tinkerbell Hairdo
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2. Try a new approach to makeup.

If you’re looking for some inspiration related specifically to the classic Disney princesses, check out our detailed tutorials in “7 Beauty Looks to Unleash Your Inner Disney Princess”! However, there’s also some easy ways to copy Disney makeup and blend it into your own style! To begin with, consider who you’re trying to emulate. Is it Piglet? Anna? Or is it Disney World itself? Once you’ve chosen your theme, take a look at how you typically do your own makeup—and then use your usual products to do something different! Do you lean towards eyebrow makeup and contouring? Thickening those eyebrows a little more and using your bronzer as blush could give you a fierce, golden look like Simba. Want to look like Cinderella’s castle? Take one of those rarely-used pastel shades and use it as an eyeshadow base, then blend a neutral gray (or mauve, if it’s Aurora’s castle you’re after) along the crease and top it off by dabbing a shimmery light blue on the center of your eyelid! By taking products you already own and using them in a new way, you get to change up your look a little (and take advantage of those more unusual colors in your palettes) while paying homage to Disney magic! 

3. Copy characters’ clothing.

We’re all familiar with Disney characters’ signature costumes, but sometimes it’s nice to incorporate characters’ style without putting on an identical version of their clothes. If you’ve found yourself drawn to the silhouette of Moana’s bandeau top, for example, or liked Belle’s A-line skirt, then consider giving it a try! You don’t need to stick with their color scheme, but being inspired to wear something a little different is just another part of the Disney magic. Who knows? You might find that you get lots of compliments when you try a dress with a swishy skirt, or that a form-fitting vest like Raya’s makes you feel more confident.  

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4. Adopt characters’ color schemes.

Wearing similar types of clothing is a great way to emulate your favorite Disney characters, but you can also reverse that theme to have stylish fun! Instead of copying the clothing’s shapes, try wearing your normal style in Disney colors. Perhaps an earth-toned jumpsuit will make you stand tall like Mulan, or a purple tank top with teal jeans will make you feel like Ariel sneaking on land (for a more subversive version, you could also reverse a character’s colors by switching their normal top color to your bottom one). Inhabiting the character that you’re inspired by will excite you even more—plus, it’s fun to imagine yourself in new scenarios, and there’s no reason to stop after childhood!  

Belle Hairstyle
Belle Hairstyle

5. Make some new meals.

Disney food often goes unnoticed when it comes to Disney themes; we’re usually more focused on the Disney characters’ adventures and romances. However, if you’d like to extend your Disney magic further than your body, bring it to the kitchen! There are plenty of Disney recipes and cookbooks to be found, but you could also just take note of a food that looks delicious in your favorite movie and improvise. You could also make one of your usual meals, but incorporate some Disney themes with clever names or Hidden Mickey shapes!  

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6. Try fun accessories.

If there’s one thing Disney characters can teach us about style, it’s the power of accessories. A flower in your hair can make you look cute and whimsical, while a jaunty hat can add flair. And let’s not forget the value of hair ribbons! If you have a scarf, ribbon, sarong, or loose skirt, there are countless ways to adapt it for your hairstyle. Make like Cinderella and tie a kerchief behind your ears, keeping your hair both smooth and sensible, or wrap up a sarong and twist it in with a braid. You can also embrace shinier accessories like Tamatoa by adding a necklace (bonus points if it’s one you inherited, since that adds more backstory) or some Mickey Mouse-shaped earrings. Hair accessories and jewelry are both very common style-wise, so this is a perfect trick for anyone who’s looking for a particularly subtle Disney adaptation! 


7. Embrace fun footwear.

If there’s anyone who can tell you about the relevance of footwear, it’s Disney characters (especially Cinderella). Minnie Mouse demonstrates the value of a sensible heel, Belle shows off the appeal of flats, and Rapunzel reminds us to embrace the simplicity of bare feet in grass! Whether you’re looking for a simple work shoe or inspiration for a beach trip, you’re sure to find something in Disney. Try emulating Minnie Mouse at work (with a very slight heel, but one that stills makes you feel comfortable walking or mildly dancing), Belle on dates (because you can’t really relax if your shoes are too high), and Rapunzel when you’re lounging in your yard at home! 

If you’ve tried any of these style tricks, then you know that it doesn’t take much to channel Disney’s signature looks. All you really need is creativity, a sense of fun, and a little touch of magic! 

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