Here’s Exactly How to Be Snow White For Halloween

Snow White and Prince

Ah, Snow White. The classic Disney princess. At fourteen years old, Snow White is the youngest Disney princess, and yet (since her movie came out in 1937) she’s also the oldest. An odd predicament for sure! But no matter how old or young Snow White is, this Disney princess is undeniably recognizable. If you want to pay homage to the original Disney princess during this Halloween, then all you need is some red, blue, and yellow clothing, red lipstick, a bow for your hair, and a fondness for apples!

We shared the exact makeup tutorial for Snow White a while ago; check it out in this article, where we tell you exactly how to do all of the classic Disney princesses’ makeup looks! Once you’ve followed Snow White’s tutorial for your makeup (and perhaps tried the lipstick shown below, which is particularly good), you can curl your hair into a bob or pin some of it up until it looks shoulder-length. A red bow is the finishing touch, and we’d suggest using bobby pins to hold the bow in place!

Lisa Eldridge True Velvet Lipstick in Velvet Ribbon. Credit: Lisa Eldridge

Mirror Mirror is not actually a Disney movie, but it’s definitely the right resource if you want a more unexpected way to portray Snow White. Lily Collins (the actress who played Snow White in Mirror Mirror and who recently had her own fairy tale wedding with Prince Charming) had a very different take on the character! Her Snow White wears far brighter hues of blue, yellow, or orange that contrast sharply with her red lipstick, and the entire style of her Snow White movie is far closer to Bollywood than it is to medieval times. But if you want a colorful, bold Halloween look, her Snow White is the one to emulate!

Credit: Pinterest



Credit: Fanpop

Not everyone wants to get too dramatic with their Halloween costumes. If you want your look to be subtle, simply choose clothing that matches Snow White’s signature colors (with a dress or skirt being optional), forgo the bobbed and bow-bedecked hairdo for loose or braided locks, and dab on a little rosy lip balm! You could also make apple pie or drink apple cider, if you prefer your apples in unconventional formats. Enjoy, and happy Halloween!

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