Cinderella's Royal Table
Cinderella's Royal Table - Photo Credit Disney

Here’s Exactly How To Be The Classic Cinderella For Halloween

It’s safe to say that there are few Halloween costumes more recognizable or easier to achieve than those of Disney princesses–particularly the classic Disney princesses–and who could be more iconic than Cinderella? We’ve got an in-depth Halloween costume tutorial for the live-action Lily James version of Cinderella if you’d like to use her version of the Disney princess for inspiration, but if you’d like to imitate the classic Cinderella’s look, then bookmark this article and be sure to use it on Halloween night!

Cinderella. Photo credit: Kandee Johnson on YouTube

We’ve already detailed the makeup looks for each original Disney princess (for the benefit of any Disney lovers who want to incorporate Disney princess magic into their daily beauty routines), but the makeup that we recommended for Cinderella then can work just as well for Halloween now! We noted that “Cinderella’s day-to-day beauty is fairly similar to Aurora’s, albeit with bare lids, slightly heavier mascara, and a softer lip color (think bare lips as opposed to a tinted lip balm)”. To get this “simple, yet dramatic look”, apply “a very pale pink eyeshadow in the crease of your eyelid (if you have hooded eyes, place the eyeshadow a little higher up above your crease), thick mascara on your upper lashes (focusing on the center ones), and a perfect pink lipstick. Brush some shimmery eyeshadow or highlighter on your Cupid’s bow to emphasize the lip’s shape, add some concealer or powder where needed on the skin, and you’re ready for the ball (or whatever else might come your way)”! 

Cinderella _ Grand Floridian

Photo Credit: Disney

The finishing touches for this Disney princess look are definitely “bright pink lips, a glamorously coiffed updo, and a subversive choker”. And don’t worry about buying a ballgown; while you can certainly wait for your Fairy Godmother to show up, a pale blue outfit, or even a light blue denim outfit, could be creative ways to look like Cinderella. A dark-colored necklace could also work in place of a choker. Just be sure to get home before midnight!

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