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Here’s Why Disney+ Is Worth Every Penny

Disney+ has been in existence for over a year now and at the recent Disney conference call for investors it was announced that there were almost 74 million subscribers.  It is likely that you’ve heard of Disney+ and also likely that you may already be a subscriber, but if you aren’t currently subscribing or are considering getting a subscription, here are all of the reasons why Disney+ is worth the money!


1. Original Content

Disney+ is quickly becoming the home of exclusive original content for fans of all Disney properties.  The Mandalorian finished it’s second season and Season 3 is already announced to premiere in December 2021.  The first Marvel series, WandaVision, released January 2021). After that fans received more Marvel original offerings with The Falcon and Winter Solider which premiered March 2021. And then we can expect a Loki series landing in May 2021.  This is just the appetizer to the rest of the Marvel shows that were announced on the investor call — needless to say, fans will have plenty of offerings to tune into in the years to come!  Not all offerings are tied to existing intellectual properties — fans can check out other original programming like Encore, On Pointe, or even behind-the-scenes Imagineering stories that take guests into the workings of the parks!

2. Rediscovery

Disney has been producing content since the late 1920s, so there is no issue with content being available.  When this writer first subscribed, I spent several weeks re-watching some favorite cartoons from my childhood: Tale Spin, the original Duck Tales, as well as Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers.  As time as gone on, I’ve explored movies that I saw once or twice growing up, but did not have distinct recollections of — having Disney+ allows you to rediscover these classics at your leisure.  The app even allows you to download shows and movies so you can watch them while you’re on the go — traveling on a plane, bus, or in the car or even while on your lunch break!

3. Unique Offerings

In addition to the existing library to enjoy, Disney+ entertains guests with unique offerings that exist nowhere else.  This Christmas fans were treated to the Lego Star Wars Holiday Special and there are already plans for the Guardians of the Galaxy to release their own holiday special in the coming years.  Another truly unique offering is the Disney Sunrise series that features an hour of footage from various locations inside Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and Magic Kingdom as the sun comes up and the parks come alive. Eagle-eyed fans can spot Cast Members making it to their assigned locations.  We guarantee that you can get lost exploring all of the content on Disney+ and finding something that appeals to you!

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4. Cost

It was announced that the monthly subscription rate would be increasing in March 2021 to $7.99 per month, but this is still about half the price as the cheapest Netflix plan.  Fans can even combine their subscription with Hulu and ESPN+ for a truly diverse offering of original and streaming content.  If you are willing to make a longer commitment, you can get an annual subscription for $69.99 per year, less than $6 per month.  Regardless of what Disney fandom you are a part of, Disney+ more than pays for itself in entertainment value.

5. Premiere Offerings

With Covid-19 changing the landscape in the short term of how we consume new entertainment offerings, Disney+ has filled the void for Disney as the platform for new releases.  Disney is still tinkering with the formula of how to best make these offerings available to the fans — Mulan was released via premium access meaning fans had to pay a one-time fee to gain early access to the film, while Disney-Pixar’s Soul was released with no paywall on Christmas Day to subscribers.  We are obviously hoping for continued access to new entertainment with no additional fee.

6. World Building

With the bevy of original content being offered on Disney+, Disney is working on building this content into existing universes.  The upcoming Marvel series are going to tie into upcoming Marvel films, so fans will need to check out these offerings to get all of the story.  While some fans have grumbled about this, any fan who has seen Season 2 of the Mandalorian can attest to just how amazing these tie-ins can be for rewarding dedicated fans and to push the storytelling envelope to expand universes fans thought unexplored.

The Disney fandom is vast.  Animation, behind-the-scenes, Star Wars, Marvel, prestige Disney films, or contemporary offerings.  No matter what star shines brightest in your sky, Disney+ will provide something for you to enjoy, but also present you offerings that will help you discover new content to love.  It certainly will not be a waste of your money — what do you love the most about Disney+?

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