When You Slap a Disney Cast Member, Your Only Punishment Is Counseling

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Last November, an appalling incident occurred at Walt Disney World. John Munro of Hilton Head, South Carolina, attempted to have dinner with his family at Citricos, located at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort.

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When he arrived wearing swimming shorts, a Disney cast member told him he would not be allowed into the restaurant because he violated its dress code.

According to the Disney cast member, Munro was visibly drunk and had glossy red eyes and slurred speech. Rather than leave the restaurant, Munro allegedly repeatedly slapped the cast member while yelling out her name.

He was arrested by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department and released on a $1000 bond following the November arrest. But now, we’re learning his punishment for battery against a cast member.

According to a report in the Hilton Head Island Packet and Beaufort Gazette, Munro will have to attend anger management classes, log 40 hours of community service, and avoid contact with the woman he allegedly assaulted for six months, and prosecutors will drop the charges.

Munro was the vice president of hospitality at Hilton Head’s Sea Pines Resort; however, the resort confirmed in January that he was no longer employed at the Resort.

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The Incident

According to the arrest report, John Munro of South Carolina arrived at Citricos at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort wearing a t-shirt and swim shorts. When the cast member checked his party in, she informed Munro that he did not meet the restaurant’s dress code and would not be seated with his party. Munro told the cast member that he understood the policy but wanted to wait with his party until they were sitting. The cast member agreed and went to help another guest.

When it came time to seat the party, Munro attempted to follow them to their seats, but the cast member once again advised him that he would not be allowed to eat at Citricos as he was not in compliance with their dress code. A female member of Munro’s party told the cast member, “Please don’t allow him to sit with us, he is really drunk, underdressed, it’s my birthday and I’m embarrassed.”

The cast member once again advised Munro that he would not be allowed into the restaurant and told him of Disney World’s dress code for that restaurant. It was at this point that Munro allegedly walked up to the cast member, repeatedly slapped her on the forehead, and kept repeating her name.

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Munro walked away, and the remaining party members repeatedly apologized on his behalf. Like a pro, the cast member continued to seat the party and immediately informed her supervisor of the incident. The supervisor called part security, who told the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. An Orange County Sheriff arrested Munro and charged him with battery.

Citricos has a strict dress code that requires guests to dress in a “sophisticated and upscale” manner. Swim shorts clearly don’t fit the dress code at an upscale Walt Disney World restaurant.

However, even if someone wears the required dress, it is still not an excuse for putting your hands on a Disney World cast member.

Do you think the punishment hits the crime in this case? 

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