How Disney Parks May Change As A Result Of Current Viral Crisis

Big Thunder Railroad

No Closed Doors

Have you noticed you rarely have to open a door at Disney?  Most shops, rides and restaurants have automatic doors or doors propped open to aid in guest entrances and exits. There are however a few closed doors throughout parks and resorts.  I imagine Disney may employ automatic door openers or simply prop open more doors in the future to cut down on hands grabbing door nobs.  

Ride Sanitization

space ranger spin

Have you ever seen those movies where people in full hazmat gear walk through a room where a chemical is sprayed or gas is released killing all pathogens?  Might Disney begin employing this kind of technology on its rides?  Chemical safety concerns would obviously be a consideration here but you can bet that Disney will be employing more stringent measures where ride vehicles are wiped down throughout the day.  This plus an ample supply of hand sanitizer dispensers before and after the ride are some things we're sure to see more of.

Buffets and Restaurants


I read a story about a woman in Korea who spread Covid-19 to just over eleven hundred people at a self-serve potluck dinner.  Now think about all the serving ware touched by so many hands across all Disney restaurant buffets.  That's a lot of opportunities to spread germs.  We may see Disney restaurant staff dispensing buffet items cafeteria style instead of self-serve in the future.  Fine by me!



Disney already keeps their bathrooms quite clean but they will probably employ additional measures here to improve sanitation as well.  How about Disney character stickers above all the hand washing stations reminding us to soap up and rinse for 20 seconds.  Maybe hand sanitizing dispensers in the bathroom stalls and at entrances and exits to these areas.  Germ killing opportunities abound!

Character Meet and Greets

Tinker Bell

Disney may clamp down on autographs as pens and books are passed to Disney characters to sign from guest to guest.  A Disney face character holds hands, receives pens and touches books carried by children throughout the parks.  We may see more character interactions where autographs are not given and characters may be wearing antimicrobial fabric gloves to help ensure sanitary interactions.

Screening of Guests and Cast Members

I'm sure you've heard about places scanning people for fevers or obvious signs of illness.  Disney may need to employ such measures at security checkpoints.  Just one sick guest or Cast Member has the potential to infect hundreds if not thousands of other park goers.

Behind the Scenes

Utilidors under MagicKingdom - Photo credit Disney

Much of the food in Disney's Magic Kingdom is prepared in the Utilidors, an underground operations center complete with huge kitchens and other staff areas.  These kitchens are likely to be employing much more stringent guidelines for food preparation and handling in the future.

As I mentioned above, I'm not an expert in sanitation or theme park operations as my musings above may indicate. And I am sure you have some ideas yourself on this matter.  We'd love to see your comments on our facebook!

Life is to be treasured and celebrated with the ones we love.  Once this current wave of Covid 19 has abated, we trust that Disney will be available to us again to enjoy with family and friends.  How we experience Disney theme parks will change with the threat of contamination looming for months and years to come.  But if anyone is up to the challenge of providing a magical and SAFE theme-park experience, it's Disney!   We're all rooting for you Walt Disney Company! 

By DisneyFanatic

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