Ideas For Hosting the Ultimate Mickey Mouse Birthday Bash at Home

Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse is in the throes of an all-out celebration this week. With his birthday just yesterday on November 18, and the ongoing 50th Anniversary Celebrations at Walt Disney World Resort, there’s a lot of festivity in the air (and that’s not even including the upcoming holiday season). Perhaps you, like Mickey, are about to celebrate your very own upcoming birthday and you’re looking for ways to keep with a Mickey Mouse theme. Here are some ideas and suggestions that are delightfully doable for hosting the ultimate Mickey Mouse Birthday Bash right at home.

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7. Theming and DĂ©cor

Anybody who has ever hosted a party that follows a specific motif can tell you that theming and décor is absolutely essential. So if you’re throwing a Mickey Mouse-themed birthday bash then you’re going to want to cover everything, from the obvious elemental touches to the most basic details. The obvious touches range in all those standout features, such as banners, balloons, and all the likes. More subtle suggestions include table settings, plates, napkins, etc.

Thankfully, Mickey Mouse is a pretty popular fellow, and we live in an era where finding themed décor is easier than ever. From online retailers like to renowned party stores like Party City, not to mention Target, Walmart, and other chains, Mickey possibilities are limitless. And don’t forget that you can always get creative on your own with a couple of DIY projects. Can’t find a Mickey Balloon? How about going with a Mickey color scheme by utilizing regular ones done in red, yellow, and black? You can use this same color alteration when setting the table with plastic utensils and napkins as well.

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6. Place Your Own Hidden Mickeys

In getting back to the more creative side of DIY décor, perhaps you should embrace a bit of Disney Parks inspiration by placing your very own Hidden Mickeys all throughout your designated party venue. From paper cutouts to creatively assembling items into that iconic Mickey shape, Hidden Mickeys can add an element of fun to your party and may even serve as an amusing alternative to a scavenger hunt for your Guests to pursue.

Hidden Mickey
Credit: DisneyFanatic

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5. Mouse Ears Instead of Hats

While many partygoers like to have a good time by donning silly pointed party hats, we feel that a far more creative approach would be to provide your Guests with a pair of iconic Mickey Mouse Ears. From headbands to full caps, you can find plenty of variations that work well for you and your Guests. Many online retailers even offer inexpensive bulk deals.

Credit: shopDisney

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4. Mickey Games

No party would be complete without games and other diversions. Fortunately for Disney fans, pretty much every popular board game out there is now available as a Disney-themed Edition. While electing for exclusively Mickey Mouse distinctions may be a little more centralized, general Disney designations would suffice just fine. Here are some top recommendations for birthday parties in particular:

  • Hidden Mickeys by Funko Games
  • Apples to Apples: Disney Edition
  • Mickey Tic Tac Toe Toss
  • Mickey Mouse Slam Jam Target Toss
  • Trivial Pursuit: Disney Edition
  • Codenames: Disney
  • Color Brain: Disney Edition
  • Family Feud: Disney Edition
  • Monopoly: Disney Parks Edition
  • Disney Sidekicks
  • Scene It? Disney Magical Moments
Credit: Funko

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3. Play Mickey Mouse Cartoon Shorts

Your party is bound to be so much fun that you won’t even have a need for watching movies. But Mickey Mouse shorts make for great viewing because they are, as their title implies, “short.” Therefore, you can play them all throughout your party from beginning to end with intermissions as needed. And because there are so many Mickey Mouse Shorts out there, you have a great variation to pick and choose from. But if you need some iconic suggestions we have a list of famed favorites for you. Some of these even include birthday-themed storylines:

  • Steamboat Willie (1928)
  • Plane Crazy (1928)
  • The Birthday Party (1931)
  • The Whoopee Party (1932)
  • The Band Concert (1935)
  • Mickey’s Service Station (1935)
  • Mickey’s Rival (1936)
  • Lonesome Ghost (1937)
  • Mickey’s Trailer (1938)
  • Brave Little Tailor (1938)
  • Mickey’s Surprise Party (1939)
  • Mickey’s Birthday Party (1942)
  • Surprise! (2018)
Disney Characters

3. Play A Soundtrack of Classic Disney Tunes

Disney is all about music, as any diehard fan knows by way of the myriad musical films the company has produced over the years. In fact, throughout its tenure, Disney has been behind some of the most iconic songs classics of all time. Because every party needs great music, perhaps you should consider creating a Disney-themed playlist for your all-out Mickey Mouse-themed birthday bash. Whether from Mickey films exclusively or a shuffle that incorporates all things, Disney, you can really have a lot of fun with this idea, as there is plenty of versatility to work with. Just remember to add the essentials, like the original theme for the Mickey Mouse Club, for instance.

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2. Mickey Cake and Ice Cream

All birthday parties must have cake and ice cream. And while ordering a custom cake from the parks to be delivered to your home is most likely not a possibility (unless you happen to live in close proximity to either Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Park) you’re probably planning on heading to your local baker.  Fortunately for you, given the popularity of Disney and Mickey Mouse specifically, you’re guaranteed to have innumerable options. But one other fun possibility is to customize your own cake by baking your own cake.

Credit: Disney Fanatic

You can find Mickey-shaped molds in all sizes or even make two miniature rounds to tack onto a larger round. Concepts for creativity know no end. Perhaps you once tried a special cake while on a visit to Disney Parks and were lucky enough to get a recipe card from a Cast Member. In fact, if you have various other mock recipes inspired by Park favorites, these would do well to serve as party courses or additional refreshments as well. And what about those iconic Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bars that are so paramount to Disney Parks? You’ll find them easily enough in your grocer’s freezer.

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1. Magical Party Favors

How about some magical party favors to gift your friends with for having attended your equally magical Mickey Mouse-themed birthday? How about arranging a bag full of assorted goodies straight from Disney Parks? You can order many treats otherwise exclusive to the parks online at Your WDW Store. Here you’ll find Goofy’s Candy Co. favorites, Chip ’n Dale Snack Company classics, cookies, and so many others. Load assorted combinations of all kinds into a themed treat bag paired with a cute, miniature plush Mickey for the ultimate sendoff.

Chip and Dale Snack Mix

You don’t need to go to Disney Parks solely to experience Mickey Mouse magic. You can bring Mickey or any other Disney character classic to any celebration, holiday, or milestone in your life. We hope we’ve inspired you through these awesome ideas to consider for your next big bash.

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