Seasonal Celebrations At Home: A Guide to Having Awesome Autumnal Disney-themed Celebrations

Well, it’s autumn and that means change is in the air. All around us, fall festivities are already in full swing. Halloween is looming up ahead and Thanksgiving will soon follow suit. Perhaps you’re not looking forward to the shifting seasons and the coming cold weather, which is eminent for many regions across the country. And maybe, just maybe, you wish you could spend the season in the warm sunny stretches of Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. But if it’s not in the cards for you to do so at present time, there are still ways to bring the Disney magic into your own home this fall. Need some ideas? We have a few we think you may like.

7. Decorate in Disney DĂ©cor

It’s in the simplest of details. Even the smallest steps in decorating for the season can add to the overall feel for fall festiveness. And if you’re going a Disney-themed route then you’re in luck. There’s plethora of possibilities you can find so easily these days, at just about any major distributor. While Disney’s official online source,, is a pretty obvious go-to, you’d be amazed to discover Disney’s myriad merchandise offerings that can be found through a whole host of other vendors in addition. From online stores like Amazon, Etsy, and others to brick and mortar venues, such as Walmart, Pottery Barn, Hobby Lobby, and more, the vast availability of Disney’s diverse dĂ©cor and merchandising accents is higher than its ever been.


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6. Plant A Fall-themed Disney Garden

Perhaps such an idea never even occurred to you, but planting a Disney-themed garden can be both a motivating as well as an exciting undertaking. Not only are there plenty of possibilities for cultivating and growing Disney magic right at home, but there are numerous options for how to go about doing so via medleys of motifs to work with (a Mickey theme, celebration of Disney Princesses, seasonal/character specific tributes, etc.). One option is taking the decorative floral route by incorporating the use of fall flowers paired with character statues and accent figures.

Another suggestion, and one we have a lot of fun with personally, is a garden that features both Disney décor as well as character symbolism by way of the selected plants. Certain flora varieties are not limited to just one season alone and can be used throughout the year. But if you’re keeping with a fall theme, we encourage you to get creative with such options as pumpkins to symbolize Cinderella, acorn or butternut squashes (crucial ingredients in Rapunzel’s enjoyable Hazelnut Soup, depending on which recipe you refer to), and so many other ideas. There are even some daisy varieties that bloom exclusively in the fall, in honor of Daisy Duck. The possibilities are endless and even the process of planning and plotting your plot makes for magic. (Image by Maxvls) Image by Maxvls

5. Yard Accents

Aside from gardening, you may want to find ways to incorporate a broad range of Disney-themed accents into your yard. Did you take our gardening suggestion and grow some pumpkins in reference to Cinderella? How about carving or painting some of the fruits of your labor into a couple of your favorite Disney character likenesses for when Halloween rolls around? Can you find some themed décor inspired by Disney’s Haunted Mansion attraction or even Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas? Aside from Halloween specifics, perhaps you’re looking to make the fall time more festive. How does a Mickey Mouse scarecrow sound?  Are you raking leaves? How about some themed face bags? Then there are all those other autumnal touches as well, from seasonal Disney welcome mats to yard flags, and just about anything else you can imagine. Again, get creative. And remember, even if you can’t find what we are looking for exactly, a little DIY Disney magic can go a long way.

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4. Make Themed Seasonal Comforts

If you’ve ever been to Disney Parks during any season in which celebrations are in full swing, then you’ve undoubtedly seen (and tasted) some limited-time special food and drink offerings. From pumpkin spice deliciousness taking on many formats, to Halloween or Thanksgiving-themed exclusives, Disney provides plenty of palatable pleasantries. So why not try and recreate some of these seasonal morsels at home this autumn? You’ll find copycat recipes online for many of your favorites. What’s more, Cast Members at Disney Parks are always happy to share the tricks of the trade with anyone who asks. And aside from recreating delectable tastes you may have tried in Disney Parks previously, there are also numerous Disney-inspired custom ideas to try your hand at. These can include anything from unique character cookies and cupcakes to items inspired by Disney films, like the previously mentioned Hazelnut Soup idea from Tangled.

Credit: Disney Fanatic

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3. Throw A Disney-themed Halloween party

Now that you’ve had so much fun decorating your home and yard, and crafting culinary concoctions, it’s time to keep the the seasonal celebration going by throwing the ultimate Disney-style Halloween party. Just be sure to serve up some of those frightfully delectable goodies you just conjured up and compile an elaborate list of Disney featured music to set the mood for the overall Halloween theme.

Credit: Disney

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2. Dress It Up!

Halloween means dressing up. And if you’re a fan of all things Disney, then the likely scenario here is to opt for your favorite character’s likeness. If you can’t decide, check out what’s trending this year at, or other retailers. In addition to Halloween costumes, you may be interested in themed holiday clothing and accessories, also available.

Disney Costumes
Disney Costumes


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1. Binge on Seasonal Disney+ Showings

Nothing drives home the feelings of the season more than a holiday themed film. And thanks to Disney+ you can now find an elaborate assortment of Disney films that celebrate autumn vibes all across the board. Whether you’re looking for happy haunts to set off your Halloween or features that are geared more toward Thanksgiving, there are so many options awaiting your eager viewing.

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Disney magic is never limited to one particular season. All the same, we hope we’ve inspired you with these suggestions. But as always, we encourage you to get creative yourself and discover numerous new ways in which to  “fall” for Disney.

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