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Disney Cast Members are perhaps in a better position than anyone else to give truly sound advice about visiting Disney theme park destinations around the world. That’s because they work full-time at their given locations, enabling them to grow into seasoned pros who have just about seen and lived through every scenario, both imaginable and unimaginable. So, when they decide to share some helpful pointers and recommendations with visiting Guests on what they really should consider doing and not doing to get the most magic out of their trips, everyone really ought to take note. When asked about the things they wish all Guests would be mindful of doing in particular, these are 10 of the top suggestions they have come up with.

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10. Wear Comfortable Clothing

Surprisingly enough visitors to Disney Parks the world over continue to erroneously show up, inadequately dressed for enjoying all the attractions and other magical experiences. I feel that it should be common sense that if you want to get the most out of your Park visit you really ought to figure comfort into the equation. Otherwise, you will be too focused on your too-tight garments, impractical shoes, and altogether warring wardrobe choices to actually have a good time. Also, be mindful of Disney’s Dress Code and do everyone a favor (Cast Members included) by making wise decisions. Cast Members don’t want to be tasked with having to confront you on such matters any more than you want them to confront you.

Disney Parks Clothing

Credit: Disney Style

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9. Make Any Celebrations Obvious

If you just happen to be celebrating something special at the time in which you take your Disney vacation, do be sure to let a Disney Cast Member know. They’ve been known to give magical callouts and sometimes even pull a few strings to bring about something special in such instances. Even if your celebration is nothing more than your first-ever visit to Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort, you need to speak up. You will be given a special button denoting your celebration and can, at the very least, be assured that Cast Members throughout the day will acknowledge you. But just remember that Cast Members aren’t mind-readers, so you still need to do your part by letting them know.

A celebration button at Disney World

Credit: Your WDW Store

8. The Earlier, the Better for Group Photos

While it cannot always be helped, and some photos are meant to take place later in the day (like those nighttime shots in front of an illuminated Cinderella Castle), in most instances, coordinating your photos earlier on in the day works better for Disney PhotoPass Cast Members in particular. When you wait until it is peak time at a Park, you run into a lot more crowding and frustration in trying to snap those perfect, unobscured shots with family and friends.

PhotoPass Family Photo

Credit: Disney

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7. Use the Restroom Before Jumping in Line

This is a mutually uncomfortable situation for all parties involved, including the Cast Members. Even if you don’t feel the urge to go just yet, if it’s been a while since your last visit to the restroom, do make it a point to use the facility before hopping into a long line. I get it, you’re mindful that the line will keep growing, and your first priority is to secure a spot. But if you don’t make your potty run a priority first and foremost, it can result in agony while standing in line.

It’s not too fun for the Cast Members either. In such instances, they find themselves in a bad spot where their hands are tied and they are unable to let you out of line and then back in again with all the other patient waiters around. So do everyone a favor by taking a quick bathroom break beforehand.

Restroom Interior

Credit: How To Disney

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6. Wait Until You Are Properly Digested

On a similar note, do be mindful of checks and balances when it comes to enjoying great Disney eats and then tackling all those contested attractions. Nobody wants to be involved in any way, shape, or form with a potential protein spill—not the one having the accident, nor the attending Cast Members tasked with the cleanup. And it’s not too pleasant for onlookers either, or those who must be held up in line even longer while cleanup is in progress. So please make sure you are fully digested before taking on the wilder, vertigo-inducing attractions. If you are easily nauseous, consider taking a motion-sickness preventative beforehand as well.

Children Eating

Credit: Disney

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5. Be Mindful of Other Vacationers

Disney does well in making you feel like you are the star of your own vacation, especially with all that custom-tailored magic for you and your party.  But it’s important to remember that you are not the only one visiting here at any given time. There are other folks looking to make their own magical memories as well, especially families with children. Sorry Disney Adults, but the fact remains that children will always be prioritized in just about any instance where a Cast Member must make an on-the-spot decision. Whether it’s picking a participant out of a crowd for a special experience, or even allowing someone priority seating for a show or Spectacular, be a team player and share in the happiness of others getting to experience the magic also.

Child Greeting Mickey Mouse

Credit: Disney

4. Pick Up After Yourself

It’s true that all Disney Cast Members, including all the executive higher-up employees, are under strict obligation to throw away any and all trash they come across while out and about. But that doesn’t give you leeway to be thoughtless and sloppy. Do your part in helping to keep all Disney Parks and Disney Resort locations looking as clean and pristine as possible. This also includes throwing away any and all trash after eating, especially at quick-service operations that do not have waitstaff.

Trash Cans at Disneyland

Credit: Inside the Magic

3. Don’t Shoot the Messenger

Disney destinations may be magical, but nothing is perfect in an imperfect world. And disappointments are bound to arise. Unfortunately, Disney Cast Members are most often the ones tasked with delivering bad news to the public, whether it be a temporary ride closure, canceled event, or even having to reprimand a misbehaving Guest. And while tempers may rise and frustration may get the better of you, never make a Disney Cast Member the object of your ire. Don’t argue with them as they follow protocol, don’t scapegoat or yell at them for situations that are beyond anyone’s control, and don’t get into the habit of making them into your complain buddy. Disney Cast Members may be nice, sensitive folks willing to talk to you and help you whenever the situation allows, but do not bring them down by unloading all your complaints and negativity onto them. That’s not what they’re there for.

Talking to Cast Members

Credit: Disney

2. Be A Friend

While it is not recommended to air all your complaints and frustrations to these wonderful ambassadors of Disney Magic, they do welcome friendly conversation and interaction with vacationing Guests. In fact, Disney Cast Members are always looking to spread happiness and cheer with all they come in contact with. They’ve even been known to take note of the “new friends” they make along the way, and greet you by name the next time they see you. Don’t treat them in a cold, distant fashion. Be more engaging and friendly. They love that!

Cast Members

Credit: Disney Dining

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1. Follow the Rules

Here is a reiteration of what should be a common-sense directive. The Walt Disney Company has some very specific rules in place, intended to mutually benefit all visitors and workers accordingly. If everyone does their part, it makes everyone else’s role a whole lot easier. Again, Disney Cast Members do not relish being tasked with divvying out corrections or needing to get involved in mediating uncomfortable situations. So just do your part by behaving yourself.

Chip and Dale

Credit: Disney Dining

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Disney Cast Members are kept busy upholding Disney Magic in just about every possible way. But they are only human, after all, and deserve your consideration and respect. So, consider taking a bit of advice from them specifically; it will only serve to benefit you and all others in the long run.

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