List: Disney World ‘Don’t’s from a Former Imagineer

What not to do at Disney World
Credit: Disney

It is pretty well-known that Disney Fanatics–especially Annual Passholders–, as well as current and past Cast Members have a list of established and unspoken rules when it comes to visiting the Walt Disney World Resort and the other Disney Theme Parks. But now, a former Walt Disney Imagineer has sat down to share her list of what NOT to do at a Disney Park.

Originally shared by Business Insider, Gabriella Sorrento spent seven years as an Imagineer. After all that time, she lists seven things Guests should NOT do while at Disney World.

Some of these ‘don’t’s on her list are arguably already accounted for. They include: Don’t try to text and walk down Main Street, U.S.A., U.S.A., at the same time; Don’t fake an injury to score a wheelchair or a motorized scooter; And don’t fight with Cast Members if your child doesn’t hit a ride’s height requirement. But, Sorrento lists three things that EVERY Disney World Guest needs to be reminded of. Let’s discuss them a little further.

1. Don’t Use Flash Photography While on Disney Rides

Haunted Mansion

Photo Credit: WDW Shutterbug

“Using flash photography on the rides is distracting and annoying. I know it’s super tempting to whip out your camera on the rides, but the flash really ruins the experience for you and your neighbors. If you take your camera out on rides like Splash Mountain or Pirates of the Caribbean, there’s also a high chance it could get wet.”

— Former Walt Disney Imagineer, Gabriella Sorrento

Whether one is sailing through Pirates of the Caribbean, taking a tour of The Haunted Mansion, or even standing at the perfect place to catch the fireworks, nothing can spoil a Guest’s experience like the flash of a smartphone camera. Disney also posts an announcement before several rides and shows expressly saying no flash photography is allowed. Also, the flash can actually ruin whatever picture is being attempted.

It is, of course, understandable for Guests to want to film their favorite Disney Park scenes. Theme Park reporters like us at Disney Fanatic do it all of the time. It should also be noted that a smartphone’s camera flash can be automatic. Combine that situation with a less-technologically-literate parent or grandparent, and you get a situation that is embarrassing for everyone. When planning to take photos at Disney World, control of the camera’s flash should be established.

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2. “Don’t Bring Plastic Straws or Balloons Into Animal Kingdom.”

Gino the Gorilla, Disney's Animal Kingdom

Credit: Disney

“Plastic straws and balloons aren’t permitted anywhere in Animal Kingdom because they can become a danger to the animals in the park. They also aren’t permitted in the water parks or Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge.”

Former Walt Disney Imagineer, Gabriella Sorrento

This is a subtle Disney Don’t that can often be overlooked, especially when Park Hopping. Mickey Balloons can be irresistible to a little Guest, and Guests tend to hold on to soft drinks with plastic straws as they arrive at a Disney Theme Park.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge are living attractions with full-time residents. A stay balloon and a loose straw can be very harmful. Please keep this in mind when planning your next visit.

3. Don’t Wear Flip-Flops to Disney World

Credit: Disney

“This might be more of a personal opinion, but unless you’re an expert flip-flop walker, you’re asking for some major blisters by wearing them at Disney. You can walk miles a day around the parks, so a comfortable, supportive shoe is your best bet.”

–Former Walt Disney Imagineer, Gabriella Sorrento

As someone who averages eight miles in a full Disney Day, this reporter can attest to the significance of choosing the proper footwear. Now, whether or not you choose sandals is up to you, but the point is that Disney World requires a lot of walking so it is important to find shoes that keep your feet cool, comfortable, and supported. We also wouldn’t recommend glass slippers unless custom-made by your Fairy Godmother.

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