EPCOT Welcomes “Luminous” Brand-New Fireworks Show

luminous the symphony of us epcot fireworks
Credits: Disney and Canva

Destination D23 has been full of exciting news for Disney Fanatics so far, and now news has been shared that will thrill a very specific sect of the Disney-loving community: fireworks fans!

Disney World Fireworks Return

Whether they take place in the Magic Kingdom or light up the sky above the World Showcase Lagoon in EPCOT, Disney fireworks are a favorite among many fans. Credit: Disney

Fireworks ‘Worldwide’!

It has been revealed at Destination D23 that a brand-new fireworks show is coming to EPCOT at Walt Disney World Resort. The show will be called Luminous: The Symphony of Us!

According to journalist Scott Gustin, “Luminous: The Symphony of Us will debut at EPCOT on December 5.” That means we’re less than four months away from seeing this new spectacle!

Disney’s nighttime spectaculars (such as Happily Ever After) and fireworks shows (such as World of Color) are highlights of many theme park visitors’ Disney vacations, so hearing about Luminous: The Symphony of Us is very big news for anyone who loves seeing fireworks light up the Disney skies!

No Extinction After All?

Not all Disney fans enjoy fireworks, however, and Disney had shown enough interest in pyrotechnic alternatives (such as projections and drones, which can create equally-stunning displays in the night skies) that some Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort fans actually predicted Disney fireworks shows’ extinction.

Some fireworks fans have also switched teams and opted for projections and drones, supporting said extinction due to fireworks’ environmental harm.

disney fireworks buyer

Fireworks are a staple for many Disney World guests when it comes to their vacations in the Disney theme parks!

Popular, Despite Their Damage

Aside from littering, fireworks also cause unnecessary stress for pets or wildlife, and can even be disruptive enough to disorient endangered honeybees and keep them from finding their way home to their hives — but some Disney fans still love fireworks shows in theme parks, despite the controversies.

The introduction of this new EPCOT fireworks show seems to disprove fans’ firework extinction theory!

Are you excited about the new EPCOT fireworks show from Walt Disney Imagineering? Do you have high expectations for “Luminous: The Symphony of Us”, or are you reserving judgment when it comes to this new nighttime spectacular in the EPCOT Disney park?

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