Magic Kingdom 101 – Complete Rundown of Rides

Tomorrowland Speedway
Tomorrowland Speedway

The oldest park at Walt Disney World is also home to the greatest rides that Disney has to offer. Split into six different lands, Magic Kingdom is quintessential Disney. It is what people think of when someone says Disney World. The following is a complete listing of rides that Magic Kingdom has to offer, as well as some insider tips for getting the most out of your experience at Disney World!


20. Magic Carpets of Aladdin – This ride is fun for the entire family. You get to take a circular journey on Jasmine and Aladdin’s magic carpet. The ride allows you to control the upward and downward movements of your carpet. When approaching the ride from the main entrance to Adventureland, be careful to mind the spitting camel!!

19. Pirates of the Caribbean – This classic Disney boat ride takes you on a journey through the seas when pirates ruled the open waters. Beware of cannon fire on this ride as it may get you a bit wet! The best time to ride is early in the morning or late in the evening!

18. Jungle Cruise – Also a Disney classic, this relaxing boat tour takes you on a journey through rivers in South America, Africa, and Asia. The nature of the ride is very much dictated by the skipper that you have – if traveling without children, be sure to check out a later sailing – the skippers tend to be a little bit more “adult” in their humor if the little ones are not on board.


17. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad – Your whole family will enjoy their runaway mine train ride through the old west! The ride is very popular, so be sure to ride it early or use one of your FastPasses to ensure your ride time. Additionally, the rails are coated with grease. This grease warms as the day goes on – so if you want a faster ride, be sure to ride in the middle of the afternoon. Also – be sure to check out one of the back seats – the ride gets pretty intense back there!

16. Splash Mountain – this boat ride takes you through the animated portions of the Song of the South, featuring the classic “Zippity Doo Dah!” The log flume ride meanders through enjoyable scenes and ends with the thrilling ascent to the top of the hill and a five story drop into the Briar Patch! Before your log plummets down, be sure to enjoy the spectacular view of Cinderella’s Castle!

Liberty Square

15. Liberty Square Riverboat – enjoy a scenic and relaxing cruise along the Rivers of America. This ride departs continuously throughout the day and you’ll get to enjoy views of Tom Sawyer Island, as well as the rest of Frontierland.

14. The Haunted Mansion – 999 happy haunts invite you to become a permanent guest on this ride. You’ll board your Doom Buggy and experience the chills that the Haunted Mansion has to offer. Be sure to be on the look out during the dining room/ballroom scene to see if you can find the Hidden Mickey!


13. it’s a small world – this ride is quintessential Disney. The song may be repetitive (and get stuck in your head for the rest of your trip), but this relaxing boat rides takes you on the journey through the cultures of the world. Be sure to take some time and enjoy the intricacies of the theming in this ride!

12. Peter Pan’s Flight – Refuse to grow up with this magical journey though London and Neverland. This ride is enjoyable for all members of the family, but is insanely popular – it is recommended you use one of your FastPasses to secure a place in line or make sure to visit early in the morning or late at night. Lines have been known to approach 90 minutes!

11. Prince Charming Regal Carrousel – You’ll enjoy this classic carrousel located just behind Cinderella’s Castle. The ride rarely has much of a wait. If you have some time, be sure to see if you can find Cinderella’s favorite horse!

10. The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh – Take a journey through the Hundred Acre Wood for a visit with Pooh & friends. Everyone can find something to enjoy on this ride – Disney purists will appreciate the nod to Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride and kids will love all of the interactive items placed through the queue!

9. Mad Tea Party – Have a very merry un birthday in this classic ride based on the tea party from “Alice in Wonderland.” See if you can spin yourself around and around using the silver discs located in the middle of your teacup. It is rumored that the purple teacups are the fastest spinners – this blogger has tried it and certainly can attest to being spun six ways from Sunday!

8. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train – the newest and most innovative ride in Magic Kingdom, this coaster takes you on a journey through the woods and mine of the Seven Dwarfs! Featuring a wonderfully themed and interactive queue, and innovative ride system, this coaster is not to be missed. Be sure to head there first thing to avoid waiting in lines that regularly peak close to 90 minutes!

7. Under the Sea – Journey of the Little Mermaid – Relive your favorite moments from this delightful movie. This ride features a giant clamshell for you and your family to travel through Ariel’s world. Once you’re done, you can always walk on over to Ariel’s Grotto and meet her in person!

6. Dumbo the Flying Elephant – Disney recently revamped this iconic ride. Now featuring two separate rides, the line moves even faster! And the waiting experience is even more pleasurable while you bide your time in an air-conditioned tent with seating and a playground for the kids. You may not want to get on the ride when they tell you it is your turn!

5. The Barnstormer – This thrilling ride is a great way to introduce your kids to the wonderment of rollercoasters. Don’t let the coasters diminutive size fool you, there are definitely some thrills and chills to enjoy on this ride!


4. Tomorrowland Speedway – there are few people that I know whose first experience behind the wheel wasn’t here at Tomorrowland Speedway. These go-karts barrel around turns at about 3 miles per hour and allow the little ones in the group a chance to drive – don’t worry mom and dad, the go karts turn themselves using a metal track system that all cars ride on.

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3. Space Mountain – The final, classic Disney mountain, this Disney ride is very much a rite of passage for thrill seekers, Space Mountain sends you on a interstellar voyage through space! A dark coaster, the ride keeps you in suspense the entire time – you never know what is coming next!

2. Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover – this is a very enjoyable ride that allows you to get off your feet and out of the sun for a little bit. I always enjoy a ride on this when visiting Tomorrowland – you get an aerial view of Tomorrowland and will even get to peek inside Space Mountain!

1. Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin – this ride defies explanation – you board a ride vehicle that takes you through various scenes where you battle the evil forces of Emperor Zurg using your on-board laser gun to inflict damage! All of this is made much more difficult by your vehicle spinning around and around all while you try and get the highest score!

Magic Kingdom has much more to offer in addition to these rides – there are many more classic attractions to enjoy as well! Don’t be too caught up in the thrill of the rides to pass up some Disney mainstays like the Hall of Presidents, Country Bear Jamboree, or Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor just to name a few!

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