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The Not-So-Magical Side: 8 Unfortunate Jobs in Walt Disney World

As someone who has always dreamed of being an official Disney Cast Member, there are literally dozens of jobs that seem utterly magical. What could be more glamorous than dressing as a princess each day or more exciting than setting off the pyrotechnical explosions that wow thousands of guests each night? But did you ever think of all of the people who have to do things that might not be so appealing? Here’s a list of 8 unfortunate jobs in Disney that make it more magical for the rest of us. Of course every job at Disney has wonderful perks (being part of the *magic* for starters!) that make even the most unseemly tasks seem worth it!


About Jessica Brosnan

Jessica is a mother of one and an elementary school teacher in New Jersey. She enjoys musical theater and loves to cook. Jessica is a Disney Vacation Club member and is perpetually planning her next Disney vacation.