Alternate Version of ‘Moana’ Song Stuns Listeners

moana how far I'll go
Credit: Disney

If you think you know the iconicĀ MoanaĀ song “How Far I’ll Go” by heart — even during brain surgery — then try learning this new version for some extra Disney magic!

How Far I’ll Go…to Malta!

A Maltese Disney fan named Sarah Micallef Muscat has just created her own viral non-English version of the Polynesian Disney Princess’s song.

Even though this version of the Disney song (translated and sung by Sarah Micallef Muscat) is not in English, non-Maltese-speakers can still feel the emotion of the song and can still perceive Sarah’s talent as a singer!

Take a look at her version of theĀ MoanaĀ power ballad in the TikTok video shown below!


#moana – How Far Iā€™ll Go in #Maltese #disney #malta #translation

ā™¬ original sound – JienaSarah


According to this travel guide about Malta, “the Maltese archipelago is made up of three islands ā€“ Malta, Gozo and Comino ā€“ situated in the middle of the Mediterranean, 93 km south of Sicily and 288 km north of Africa. The total population is just over 400,000 inhabitants, spread across an area of 316 square kilometres.”


Maui, Moana, HeiHei the chicken, and Pua the pig / Credit: Disney

Disney Princess Diversification

Sarah Micallef Muscat has also received enormous praise for her Maltese version of “Part Of Your World,” the classic “I Want” song from The Little Mermaid (both the 1989 movie and the brand-new Halle Bailey remake) that was originally sung by Jodi Benson.

Sarah’s enchanting rendition of “Part Of Your World” can be seen below in another TikTok video!


If ā€˜The Little Mermaidā€™ was translated in Maltese! #malta #thelittlemermaid #partofyourworld #translate #disney

ā™¬ original sound – JienaSarah

Hearing Disney songs in a foreign language will also remind readers of this Harvard graduate’s “Korean Disney princess” and the beautiful songs that she created for her own musical!

In your opinion as a Disney Princess fan and a Disney music aficionado, how does this non-English version of the Moana song compare to the original “How Far I’ll Go” that was sung by actress-turned-activist Auli’i Cravalho — or the pop-star version of the song that was sung in the 2016 animated movie’s credits by Alessia Cara, for that matter?

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