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Mickey Mouse’s Act of Kindness Brings Grieving Family to Tears

Sad Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse in Mourning. Credit: Disney

We sometimes lose sight of just what’s important about Walt Disney World. We all get caught up in some guests’ terrible behavior and forget about the good that can come from a trip to Disney World. We focus too much of our attention on the guest jumping on a float or someone getting drunk and rowdy, but when we pay too much attention to those things, we forget the good.

This past week, the good came back to us. TikTok user @emberinferno shared a video that has been viewed more than 1.6 million times, and I’m going to assume that every time someone saw it, they cried.


We took Rayne to meet Mickey for her birthday 🎂 He didn’t want her to be cold 🥹🌈🐞 @disneyparks #youllbeinmyheart #rainbowsforrayne #mickeymouse #happyheavenlybirthday #hollywoodstudios #castmembersarethemagic #disneycastlife #mostmagicalplaceonearth

♬ You’ll Be In My Heart – Acoustic – Dan Berk

The TikTok user @emberinfoerno is also known as Aunt Jules. Last October, Jules, and her family lost their six-year-old niece Rayne to a mysterious health condition. Rayne had been fighting this condition her entire life but finally succumbed to the illness.

To celebrate what would have been Rayne’s seventh birthday, Jules and her family decided to take a trip to Walt Disney World and have a character meal. Before her death, Rayne met all her favorite characters at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. To mark the occasion, Jules decided to take the family back there again. They brought a picture of Rayne and set it up on the table.

Mickey Mouse brings comfort to a grieving family

Credit: Disney

And this is where the waterworks are going to start. Mickey Mouse came by the table, saw the photo, and understood that this grieving family needed something special. Mickey folded a napkin and wrapped the photo of Jules up nicely so she wouldn’t be cold.

Mickey Mouse kissed the photo and placed it back on the table. He then went to each one of the family members and kissed them. Mickey motioned for them to stop crying and pointed to the sky, presumably telling the family that Rayne was watching them from Heaven.

This family suffered the tragic loss of a child and it was Mickey Mouse that was able to comfort them over the death of a loved one. It gave them peace in a difficult time, as Mickey was able to spread love and hope to all individuals. We should not forget that while some people come to Disney World for joy and happiness, others are suffering from grief and looking to remember a family member.

We may never know which cast member took a few minutes out of what must have been a busy day to comfort one grieving family, but they should be commended for this act of kindness. It’s moments like these that remind us just how special Walt Disney World is and that cast members like this create that magic for all of us.

Mickey Mouse brings comfort to a grieving family

Credit: Disney

After reading this, at some point today, we encourage you to go out and do something nice for someone else. Be like Mickey Mouse and bring comfort and joy to the people around you.

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  1. And that is what its all about, making a positive difference in the lives of everyone not just at the parks. May the good lord not only bless that family and the many others, but also the multitude of disney workers that mak light out of darkness. Walt will be proud…. continue the good fight

  2. I lost my mom 7 years ago to Stage 4 lung cancer in 2017 ,I miss her everyday 😭😭😭

  3. I literally began to tear up as I was reading. That was so incredibly thoughtful of Mickey! May God bless the soul of Rayne and those of his family’s.

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