Missing Teen Who Disappeared During Disney Vacation Has Been Found

disneyland paris missing teenager
Images Credit: Disney; The Palm Family, Newstalk

Young teenager Amber Victoria Palm, who went missing during the Disney vacation she took with her family, has been found safe and sound.

A few weeks ago, South African teenager Amber Victoria Palm went missing when she left her hotel in the dead of night while vacationing with her family at Disneyland Paris. Amber Victoria was last seen leaving Disney’s Hotel Santa Fe in Coupvray, France, at 2 a.m. and meeting up with a man at a nearby gas station before driving off with him.

Missing teen Amber Victoria Palm-Disneyland Paris-Newstalk Family

Missing teen Amber Victoria Palm last seen at Disney’s Hotel Sante Fe / Photo courtesy of the family/Newstalk

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Amber Victoria’s mother went on the show Lunchtime Live to spread awareness about what happened with her daughter, giving listeners an update on the police report and asking people to help find her daughter.

At the time, Mactalene Palm shared, “She was in contact with some of her friends, but the last they heard from her – anything – was on the 10th of August… I’ve got no idea. I just want to know that she is safe. Or even give me a call or anything.”

disney santa fe disneyland paris

Disney’s Santa Fe Hotel, Coupvray, France / Credit: Disney

However, despite not having heard from Amber Victoria for five weeks, it appears that the young teenager has now been found post the public appeal.

The Irish Sun reported, “Amber is currently in Austria with a young man she met online who picked her up in a car after she snuck away from her Disney hotel during the night.”

The Palm family recently moved to Castlerahan, Co Cavan, in Ireland, and are planning to fly out to Austria to bring their daughter home. Mactalene Palm explained, “She has arranged an appointment at Ballyjamesduff Garda station to cancel a missing persons alert, and she said she hopes to have Amber back in Co Cavan within the next week.”

disneyland paris walt disney studios park

Tower of Terror, Walt Disney Studios Park, Disneyland Paris / Credit: Disney

Mactalene Palm told The Irish Sun, “I’m dreaming of a hug. It has been so long since I hugged my girl. She will get the biggest hug ever. I’m really happy. I can’t tell you how happy I am. The past month not knowing where she is has been a nightmare.”

Mactalene Palm explained that it appeared to be “young love.” She continued, “She is with the guy. She read my appeals on the internet. She did see it and got in touch with me. It seems to be love, she ran off with the guy. I’m just happy she’s okay.

Disneyland Paris Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Disneyland Park, Disneyland Paris / Credit: Disney

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