There is No Offseason At Walt Disney World Anymore

no offseason at Walt Disney World

Stop me if you’ve heard this: Walt Disney World is crowded. I know, I know. It’s like saying the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. It has become one of those fundamental facts of life.

So far in April, Walt Disney World has been slammed. There have been several days when Magic Kingdom was closed entirely for reservations, and there are already four days next week when you won’t be able to get into some of the Parks. Genie Plus, which has risen in cost to its highest level ever, $35, was sold out several days during spring break.

no offseason at Walt Disney World

Even Orlando International Airport has seen record crowds of spring breakers coming to Orlando and leaving the city. Tourists visiting central Florida for the Disney World Resort and Universal Studios have crowded the airport and slowed security to a crawl.

There was an offseason at Walt Disney World, but that is no longer true. It was a safe bet that you’d be safe if you went to the Happiest Place on Earth when most kids were in school. But now, everyone has realized that is the best time to go, and parents have started taking their kids out of school on trips to Disney.

What about summertime? If you can bear the Florida heat and humidity, you should be okay, right? Well, it seems that Google has just answered that question for you.

no offseason at Walt Disney World

Credit: Facebook

Google just released its top summer destinations for 2023. Google can calculate where people will be traveling based on its flight service and search results. And it turns out that Walt Disney World will be crowded, even in the summer. Orlando came in third behind London and Cancun in Google’s results. So, even if you were considering heading to Orlando in August when the Florida kids are back in school, the Parks will be packed too.

Disney World has always had heavy crowds during school breaks, but it has worsened. There is no definitive reason, but it is most likely pent-up demand after Covid. People could not travel for most of 2020 and at least half of 2021; now, they are heading out in droves.

It’s not just Disney World that has seen a spike in travelers. The US State Department is reporting that it is processing more than 500,000 passport requests per week. Americans are heading abroad and not just to the World Showcase in EPCOT.

no offseason at Walt Disney World

Source: Jennifer K via Inside the Magic

When you encounter heavy crowds when visiting Disney World, it’s best to be prepared. Make sure of early theme Park entry and avoid rope drop crowds. Use your Park hopper to leave the Park and head to another one when the crowd level gets too high. Early in the morning or late at night is always the best time to enjoy visiting your favorite Theme Park.

So, you better be prepared to wait and have a plan of attack the next time you’re at the Walt Disney World Resort, as it seems there is no offseason at Walt Disney World.

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