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Dear Disney Wedding Brides: No, Your Guests Don’t Actually Care About Your Wedding’s Disney Details

scuttle squawcking in vanessa's face, from Disney's "The Little Mermaid"
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We’ve all heard of a Disney wedding…

These days, Disney Fairy Tale Weddings can be extravagant occasions (and some Disney Fanatics actually like them so much, that they return for repeat ceremonies no matter the price!).

We’ve seen quite a few elaborate Disney weddings in recent years — whether or not they are official Disney Fairy Tale Weddings that take place in Walt Disney World Resort or the Magic Kingdom — and some Disney fans have spent exorbitant amounts of money in order to make their Disney-themed weddings as on-point, theme-wise, as possible.

rapunzel and flynn ryder wedding

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Is the Devil in the Disney Wedding Details?

This brings up one major question, however: does anyone actually care? Do wedding guests actually care if the catering team has accurately performed the right can-can steps during their rendition of “Be Our Guest” (yes, this is a real thing) or if the spoons being used during the Pandora-themed wedding reception convey the right amount of rustic elegance?

Elopements and minimalism-focused weddings have become staples in the normal wedding industry, since weddings are notoriously expensive even without the additional costs of a specific theme that a wedding planner must bring to fruition.

As we have previously established, some Disney Fairy Tale Wedding packages (particularly cruise packages) are actually relatively inexpensive — but the cost doesn’t seem to be the main reason for brides’ and grooms’ bookings.

princess ariel and prince eric wedding

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Disney Adults, Stop Making Your Own Lives Harder

Instead, Disney fans do indeed book Disney weddings (or hire someone to design one for them) in order to celebrate their love of Disney. Since many of these brides and grooms are Disney Adults (i.e. adult Disney fans without children), they might be forced to endure some mockery due to their love of Disney. After all, Disney Adults are infamously mocked these days.

Engaged couples with children seem to be given a pass when it comes to Disney wedding elements, since there are children involved who might appreciate a Disney theme.

However, when it comes down to attending a wedding, it seems unrealistic to expect one’s wedding guests to actually pay attention to the faintly-written Brave (2012) quote on the linens or the Hidden Mickey in the wedding cake topper.

princess tiana and prince naveen wedding

Credit: Disney

Is This a Bad Thing, or a Blessing?

Some Disney-loving engaged couples might bristle at the idea of a painstakingly created Disney wedding that fails to wow its guests — but other Disney fans might be relieved to realize that the pressure is actually off!

At the end of the day, a wedding is about celebrating the beginning of marriage.

Your wedding guests will not be bothered if you fail to find a snow machine to match your Olaf quote display; instead, they’ll be bothered if you worry too much about your planned Mickey Mouse appearance and fail to enjoy the day!

anna, olaf, kristoff, sven

Credit: Disney

Have you ever been a guest who was invited to a themed wedding, and specifically a Disney wedding? If so, did you keep a sharp eye out for Disney details — or did you simply enjoy the event without paying much attention to the little Disney elements that surrounded you?

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s and may not reflect the sentiments of Disney Fanatic as a whole.

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