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Original Disney+ Content That Could Inspire New Attractions at the Parks

Lately, Disney has been busy churning out original content for its streaming platform Disney+, with plenty of projects on the horizon too, including more Marvel and Star Wars TV shows. However, due to the ongoing pandemic, things at Disney World have, by comparison, understandably slowed down. That’s not to say there’s nothing new to look forward to at the parks – especially with the likes of Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser set to dock soon. But could Disney+ eventually serve as a source of inspiration for Disney World? Let’s take a look at all the original Disney+ shows and movies that could inspire new attractions at Disney Parks.



6. Zootopia (TV Series)

You’ll be glad to know that Zootopia – or Zootropolis, depending on where in the world you live – is already making its way into a Disney Park. Unfortunately, the themed land will be at Shanghai Disneyland. But don’t worry – the animal-inhabited world is also making its way onto Disney+ next year in the form of a CG-animated series that will follow on from the hit movie. But could Zootopia+ inspire a new experience at Disney World? There are no plans for a Zootopia themed land, but a new TV series would never harm the odds for something else. Perhaps a monorail-based attraction that journeys through a much smaller Zootopia and all its different regions, not dissimilar to “it’s a small world”.

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5. Monsters at Work (TV Series)

Another CG-animated show set to punch in this year on Disney+ is Monsters At Work, based on the Monsters, Inc. franchise. The series will focus on a Scare Major graduate, while John Goodman and Billy Crystal return to lend their voices to Sulley and Mike. Finally, a sequel-of-sorts to the original movie! Let’s just hope Boo makes a comeback in some shape or form. Disney World currently hosts Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor and a Character Greeting, but maybe the new TV show will encourage the resort to open its own version of Disneyland California and Tokyo Disneyland’s attractions. Or, if they feel really inspired, a new experience altogether, one that sees guests able to explore a full Monsters, Inc. Factory.

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4. WandaVision

Due to the unique concept of WandaVision, it’s unlikely we’ll ever see a themed experience at Disney World. With that said, a year ago it was just as unlikely to have expected a show starring Wanda and Vision trapped inside a US sitcom. With WandaVision, Disney has proven it is capable of thinking outside the box (even if things did get generic towards the end). A WandaVision-themed walk-through experience could see guests explore different sets, each depicting its own decade as seen on the show, while bizarre-but-fun goings-on happen all around – meals cook themselves in the kitchen and a hologram of Vision moves through walls while reading the morning paper! It’s fun to imagine. Just don’t imagine too hard…

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