Our 10 Favorite Collectibles To Purchase At Walt Disney World

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Walt Disney World is a great place to make magical memories. One of the best parts about visiting the parks is also taking home a piece of the magic with you. Below are out 10 favorite collectibles from Walt Disney World.

10. Precious Moments Disney Figurines

Precious Moments figurines are classics. They are several limited edition figurines of Disney princesses, Pixar and many more. These figurines are a very nice collectible, and come packaged and protected so they are easy to travel with or send to a loved one.

9. Pressed Pennies

Pressed penny machines are found all throughout the Walt Disney World parks and resorts. These pennies cost fifty cents are a wonderful collectible for young and older guests a like. You can get a penny from your favorite park attractions, characters, restaurants and resorts. Disney also sells books that are a great way to organize and keep track of your pennies. Pressed pennies are a relatively inexpensive collectible that can lead you to a great collection and something to enjoy for years to come.

8. Autograph Books

NOTE: Currently, characters are not signing autographs due to COVID-19 restrictions. We hope to see character meet and greets and autograph signing return again in the near future!

Walt Disney World autograph books are sold at Disney parks and resorts. If you and your family love doing character meet and greets the autograph book is a great addition! They provide characters an opportunity to sign your book and it’s a great souvenir. Face characters, like the princesses, and costume characters, like Mickey and Pluto can all sign autograph books and have their own unique way of leaving mark in your books.

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7. Disney Artwork

They are several stores in the parks and the resorts that sell Disney artwork. Some of the artwork is very expensive; where as other prints can be less expensive and just as beautiful. If you are lucky, occasionally stores will have the Imagineers or artists visiting and painting for you to observe and purchase their work. Other artwork can be things like classic posters from rides and other attractions. It’s always great to take a piece of artwork home and hang it up somewhere special. Don’t forget you can get things shipped straight from Disney to your home!

6. Christmas Ornaments

Disney sells amazing Christmas ornaments all year round at the parks and resorts. There’s even a store dedicated to Christmas at Disney Springs. The ornaments range from the classic Mickey, Disney characters, Pixar characters and special edition ornaments. The ornaments sold at Disney are creative and beautiful. There make a great edition to any Christmas tree and will remind you of your magical time at the parks every year!


5. Vinylmations

Disney Vinylmations are special three-inch figurines that are sold at the parks and at Disney Springs. These figurines are all shaped like Mickey but are painted to look like different characters. The Vinylmations come in collections, like Star Wars or Cinderella. They also come in collections like “Mickey and Friends in Space” or even underwater. The Vinylmations come in a blind box, so you are never quite sure what character or design you are going to get. This is part of the fun when purchasing. They make a great home decoration piece and are a unique mix of the classic Mickey silhouette mixed with new designs and characters.

Tip: At one point Vinylmation trading was allowed at the parks, but this is no longer encouraged. Keep this is mind when you purchase more than one blind box Vinylmation.

4. Disney-Themed Jewelry

Disney sells a wide variety of jewelry at the parks. There is jewelry available for young children, and adults as well. Inexpensive earrings, rings and bracelets are available for younger guests. Alex and Ani have a limited edition range of bracelets that are sold at the parks. Pandora is now available at the parks, as well. They sell Disney beads, some of which are only sold at the Disney parks. Jewelry is a great collectible to take home with you, or give as a special gift.

3. Trading Pins

Some of the most popular collectible items at Disney are the Disney pins. Pins come in so many variations. You can find your favorite characters, rides, attractions and even special edition pins for different events, like the Flower and Garden Festival. Pins are a great way to start a collection. Disney sells lanyards, books, and books to store your pins in.

Pin Trading At ESPN Zone

2. Disney PhotoPass Photos

Getting photos of you and your family throughout you Disney visit is one of the best ways to take magical memories home with you. With the new Disney Photopass system you can purchase digital copies of your photos or have them printed out. Disney photos are high quality and capture great memories. You can also have your photos synced to your Magic Band so you don’t have to worry about carrying around a card with your pictures on it. Pictures are also taken on the major rides and Disney has even started having videos on rides like the Mine Train and the Hollywood Hotel Tower or Terror. These are great memories to hang up at home or create a photo book of your trip.

1. Special Occasion Buttons

Special occasion button are a free collectible that make for a great souvenir. They are provided for free at the ticket and transportation center, entrance to parks, and resorts. Buttons are available for birthdays, celebrations, and first visits. Cast members customize these pins too! They are a fun, free souvenir that you can wear with pride and take home to remember you magical trip.

Cast Member Buttons

These are just 10 of the collectible items sold at Walt Disney World. What are your favorites to collect?

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