Our 10 Favorite Snacks at Walt Disney World – Theme Park Edition

Mickey Bar Magic Kingdom

One of my favorite things about visiting Disney World is the ability to grab a snack and be able to continue walking around the park and get in line for a ride or an attraction. Having a meal at a table service restaurant is a magical experience, but it does take you away from everything the parks have to offer. With so many snack stands, food carts, and gift shops, there are plenty of snacks to fall in love with, but here is our list of our top 10!

10 – popcorn (multiple locations) – any trip to Walt Disney World for me is not complete until I get a souvenir bucket of popcorn as I leave the park. I love that the popcorn is available at all of the parks and the souvenir bucket lets me control (to some extent) how much I eat at a time because I can put the lid back on top of it. The smell of the popcorn is always enough to entice me to get a bucket that my family will always enjoy as well!

9 – Mickey-shaped ice cream treats (multiple locations) – the wording of this snack was purposeful. The dividing line in my family is between a classic Mickey bar and the ice cream sandwich Mickey. I fall on the side of ice cream sandwich Mickey, but there is no wrong choice between these delicious snacks. It is a perfect way to cool off after a long, hot day in the parks.

8 – turkey legs (Magic Kingdom) – the turkey legs used to be available in Frontierland and Liberty Square, but with the recent switching of locations of Sunshine Tree Terrace and Aloha Isle, Disney also announced that soon the turkey legs will only be available in Tomorrowland. Make sure that you make your way over there to get one because nothing else can become an entire meal better than a turkey leg. There are many times that I have been starving and have not been able to completely finish the turkey leg.

7 – caramel and chocolates (Karamel Küche) – just inside the Germany Pavilion at Epcot, this delicious bakery offers a wide variety of caramel and chocolate concoctions. My family enjoys wandering in there with a refreshing grapefruit beer from the beer cart directly across from it. I love the pretzel rods that are dipped in caramel and chocolate, but there is not a bad combination in this store!

6 – Mickey pretzels (multiple locations) – my friends and family can attest to the fact that a day’s plans can revolve around my ability to get a Mickey pretzel. The classic Mickey pretzel is my favorite, but Disney does have specialty pretzels are locations in Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom that are definitely worth trying!

5 – sour taffy (multiple locations) – my fiancée is notorious for finding a box of Goofy’s Sour Taffy as soon as we get to the park and promptly eating all of it. Until recently, I had not enjoyed any, but on a recent trip I finally relented and had some and was very glad that I did! The taffy is a perfect snack, dessert, or just something to munch on. The only downside is that it is available in almost every gift shop, so it is far too easy to get your hands on them!

4 – cronut (Refreshment Port) – with the recent explosion of this all over the country, it did not take Disney long to add it to the menu at this snack stand in Epcot. It is a flaky, croissant donut smothered in cinnamon sugar. When you go, be sure to ask how long they have been out. You definitely will want to wait for a fresh batch because they are infinitely better when they are fresh!! The only thing that could possibly make them better would be some kind of icing to be able to dip them in!

3 – Citrus Swirl (Sunshine Tree Terrace) – amongst the ice cream delicacies at Magic Kingdom, I prefer the Citrus Swirl. The citrus is not overpowering and the vanilla ice cream mixed in is the perfect balance to the treat. Plus, the line for a citrus swirl is always much shorter — more time to enjoy and get in line for another one.

2 – Dole Whip (Aloha Isle) – the counterpart to the Citrus Swirl, the Dole Whip is a pineapple soft-serve that counts fans in every corner of the globe. The line for Dole Whips generally get very long (why won’t Disney let us FastPass that line?), especially on very hot days. Adventureland typically does not get busy right away in the morning, so be sure to get there early!

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1 – marshmallow and chocolate treats (Confectionary – Magic Kingdom, Storybook Treats – Magic Kingdom, and Sweet Spells – Hollywood Studios) – the Disney bakers are very creative (and generous) when it comes to these amazingly designed and decorated treats that are usually covered in chocolate and other sweet things! Much like the turkey legs, I have been known to have problems finishing these delicious treats in one sitting!

The treats all throughout the parks and the resorts are delicious and everyone has their favorite that they have to get on their trip to Disney World. What is your favorite snack to have in the parks?

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