Photos: Ride Mechanic Drops in on Guests Riding ‘Guardians’ Attraction

Guardians Ride Malfunction
Credit: u/truebeliever08 (left); Marvel (right)

If there is a ride operating at a Disney Theme Park, it has malfunctioned at some point. And if it has malfunctioned, there is a good chance it did so with Disney Park Guests on board.

We at Disney Fanatic have shared several stories of malfunctions or other one-off events that were not supposed to happen on a Disneyland or Disney World attraction. But a recent story out of Disney California Adventure Park stands out.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Credit: Marvel

Earlier this week, Disneyland Guests boarded the revamped Tower of Terror attraction, Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission BREAKOUT! at the entrance to Avengers Campus, expecting the usual shenanigans from Rocket Racoon, Star-Lord/Peter Quill, and the gang. But it appears to have stalled, and a new “character” took the experience off-script.

The normal ride appears to have been interrupted by a mechanic saying hi to a new group of friends. A photo was shared to Reddit by u/truebeliever08 asking in jest: “Which Guardians character was he?”

Check it out:

Which Guardians character was he? from Disneyland

Unlike other ride incidents, this one was met with an uncommon lighthearted levity that is exemplified in the comments. One person said, “Fix It Felix has invaded Guardians of the Galaxy,” another dropped a Futurama reference, saying, “Scruffy believes in this company.”

Another commenter appeared to recognize this particular employee, and shared, “A few weeks ago our elevator broke towards the end of the night. This same man came out and informed us and also entertained us for about ten minutes or so. He was so great. Eventually we got off, and were able to get back on on another shaft to do the ride. There were kids on my ride, and he was hilarious with them. I didn’t catch his name, but if anybody knows it, please let me know here or by dm, so I can send a cast compliment for him.” It is unclear why the ride malfunctioned in this particular case.

Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Break Out

Credit: Disney

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We at Disney Fanatic will continue to share Disney Parks news, and stories as more developments come to light.

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