Religious “Prophet” Declares That Disney “Will Fall”

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Credit: CNBC and Disney

The Walt Disney Company has been through a lot of ups and downs in recent years, with the “downs” seeming far more common ever since the COVID-19 pandemic began in 2020.

The CEO of Disney at the time, Bob Iger, was also replaced by now-former-CEO Bob Chapek, who was famously disliked and who was ousted by his predecessor in a dramatic shakeup when Iger returned from his semi-retirement to take back the reins.

However, CEO Bob Iger has been dealing with his own bad publicity lately — especially as it pertains to the ongoing WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes — with his infamous comments about the strikes leading to tremendous backlash and a swift tune-change on his part during the most recent earnings call for the Walt Disney Company.

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Disney CEO Bob Iger replaced Bob Chapek. Credit: Disney

“The Giant Will Fall”

During that call, Iger seemed optimistic about the future of Disney (despite tourism dips due in part to the DeSantis battles) and boasted about the success of his 7,000-person layoff plan — but a self-proclaimed religious prophet has apparently just had a vision about Disney’s demise, and has gotten a message from the Christian God declaring that the Walt Disney Company will become extinct soon!

In this Facebook post, a Florida resident named Jenny Weaver reported that she woke up to a very clear message about Disney.

“Yesterday I woke up and I heard loudly ‘Disney your days are numbered… the giant will fall,’” Weaver wrote. “I turned to my husband [and] said ‘I just heard this so loud and clear and it was from the moment I opened my eyes…I wasn’t gonna say anything but tonight I felt lead.”

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Credit: Facebook

“I Pray They Go Down”

Instead of doubting this self-proclaimed religious prophet’s prophecy from the Christian God, Jenny Weaver’s announcement was met with an outpouring of support and validation.

“Disney as a whole is just disgusting. I don’t even think our minds can even comprehend how foul they are,” Facebook user Tiffany Michelle replied. “I pray they go down. It’s needed.”

“Fantastic about time,” another woman chimed in. “God shut it down in Jesus name.”

Another woman named April Mack claimed that she had also had a religiously-guided dream about Disney earlier this year.

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Credit: Disney

“Occult Activities”

“God gave me a dream in June about Disney!!” April Mack announced. “I saw myself walking through each ride seeing all of the witchcraft and occult activities going on there. I saw purple smoke as I went around the place and I remember asking the Lord what should I do/pray concerning them. Now I know.”

Despite these claims, Disney’s recent earnings call, financial reports, and the statements of Disney CEO Bob Iger all suggest that the Walt Disney Company is actually starting to be more successful than it has been for a while — and that Disney is not going anywhere, even if it does have some obstacles to overcome.

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