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Devoted Fans Risk It All, Leave Home and Work From Disney World

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The trend of working remotely from the Walt Disney World Resort has become increasingly common over the last few years,

For decades now, the Central Florida Disney Resort has been a premier Disney vacation destination and fans from all over the world have flocked to the Sunshine State to get their fix of the Disney experience. However, after COVID-19 swept the world and companies began enacting new work-from-home policies, employees have become increasingly creative about how they work.

More specifically, they have reimagined where they can work from.

cinderella castle save money walt disney world

Cinderella Castle, Magic Kingdom Park, Walt Disney World Resort / Credit: Becky Burkett

A recent report from NBC News explained how “The Most Magical Place on Earth” has become a hotspot for remote workers, across a range of professions. From lawyers and tech employees to independent journalists, many have now taken to finding the best spots in the Central Florida Disney Park to be productive in the morning, and enjoy Disney sights in the afternoon.

The outlet interview tech employee Matt Richardson who lives in Ohio but has been working out of Disney World for two years now.

Richardson explained, “What’s important to my employer is that I get my work done, and that’s my priority no matter where I am in the world.”

Richardson continued, sharing the origin story of this new work-from-Disney culture in his life. “I wanted to take a trip down to Disney as things were coming back, and I kept working. I opened up my laptop, I kept the emails going, and it made me realize I don’t necessarily have to be in my home in Ohio to get my work done.”

The lobby at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge is one spot that remote workers suggest as a place to enjoy working.

For people like Richardson, working from Disney World is a “happy, fun” environment to be working in, and its simply their way of adding more magic and pixie dust into their lives.

Disney Animal Kingdom

Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park, Walt Disney World Resort, Central Florida / Credit: Inside the Magic

In contrast to the growing trend of remote workers choosing Disney World as their workplace, there are voices of caution and skepticism regarding this practice. Dr. Stefan Meyer, a notable figure from Columbia Business School, is an advocate for responsible remote work practices.

He highlights the importance of remote workers being mindful not to exploit the flexibility offered by working remotely, especially when opting for locations synonymous with leisure and vacation.

Meyer’s perspective sheds light on the need for a balanced approach towards remote work arrangements, emphasizing ethical considerations and professional integrity in leveraging the freedom granted by remote work opportunities.

“What is accepted, what is okay, what is flexibility and what is a slippery slope to taking more days off?” He asks.

What do you think of the idea of working remotely from the Disney Parks? Would you allow your employees to do so, or would you be allowed to do so? Let us know in the comments! 

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