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See Inside This Disney Star’s House Fans Are Calling “Tacky”

Debby Ryan's home
Credit: AD

Ah, the joys of Artictectual Digest. You get to have a sneak peek into some of the most famous celebrities’ homes and homes that you never in a billion years be able to afford because well, billionaires own them. This week Arctectual Digest put a spotlight on the home of Debby Ryan and Josh Dun.

Ryan is known for her Disney Channel roles of The Suite Life on Deck and being the titular character in Jessie. Josh Dun is the drummer of huge band Twenty One Pilots. The couple have been together for five years and got married in 2019. This is their first marital home.

Dun shares, “I remember walking through the house and feeling like there was so much room to put our personalities into it. Not only was this the first house that we designed together, but it was really the first time that both of us felt the freedom to put our mark on a place.”

Ryan echoed “People often say, ‘What’s in Ohio?’ but we’re so inspired by this place. Building this home, inviting people into it…the whole process has created a new sense of us.”

The couple’s interior designer, Fawn Galli shared “They wanted a really strong feeling of playfulness, to the point of otherworldliness,” explains the designer, who guided the process and kept things stylistically cohesive. “You were not just in a living room that had a sofa and a television. Instead there might be an artwork with elements of infinity or stools shaped like mushrooms—a constant element of surrealism.”

Some people of course in the comments are saying the house is tacky, but hey, Dun & Dun seem very happy and honestly we’d love to live in a treehouse!

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