The Disney Security Hack You NEED to Know

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The worst part of going to Disney World is the lines. Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance can have wait times up to five hours long!! It’s insane. The first line you experience is the dreaded security line. Here, we have the ultimate hack on how to breeze on through safely.

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If you want to breeze through security, without having to stop and unload every little thing from every single bag you have (and trust me, if you have multiple kids.. that’s A LOT of bags), DO THIS:

Review the security guidelines and figure out what you might be bringing into the parks that will set off the alarm. Examples include fuel rods, portable charges, phone accessories, liquids, umbrellas, glasses cases with magnets, etc.… ** Put ALL of those things into a single gallon or jumbo-size Ziploc bag at the top of your bag.

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This way, when it comes time to walk through security, all you have to do is pull that bad boy out and hold it straight in front of you as you walk through the scanners. Even if the scanner alerts from that bag, the operating guard will see it was from the clear bag and ask you to step to them (instead of the side where you have to wait in a line) and they will briefly look through your clear bag and give you the go ahead. (As long as you are not bringing anything illegal into the parks. Please don’t do that).

Doing this will prevent you from having to stop to have your bags and body checked and will cut down on your park entry time drastically, which is imperative if you’re trying to make a dash to a reservation or just want more time in the parks!”

There you have it. In our experiences in the parks, our portable chargers and glasses cases have gone off every single time without fail. When it’s your sixth day of your trip, you feel so fed up by it. This saves you time AND sanity.


Plus, always remember to be kind to security. It is literally their job to keep you safe and have the best day ever in the parks.

What are your favorite Disney World hacks? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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