Fans Are Going Wild for Disney Park’s ‘Zootopia’ Land Benches

Zootopia land benches
Credit: Disney

Disney never ceases to amaze with its immersive, movie-inspired attractions across its worldwide theme parks and experiences. As the highly-anticipated Zootopia expansion at Shanghai Disney Resort approaches its grand debut, Disney enthusiasts have discovered an unexpected highlight – the benches.

Zootopia land art

Credit: Disney

Zootopia Land Benches

While Zootopia: Hot Pursuit, the marquee attraction, has garnered significant attention for its thrilling police chase escapade, incredible animatronics, and unique experience, it’s the ingeniously designed benches that have quietly become the talk of the town. Furthermore, the advertisements on the benches even add to the fun.

small bench Zootopia

Credit: @themeparkdustin, Instagram

Scattered strategically throughout the Zootopia land, these benches have been meticulously crafted to accommodate the diverse array of anthropomorphic creatures inhabiting this whimsical city. Paying homage to the Zootopia (2016) film’s endearing characters, the benches come in various sizes, catering to the needs of both large and small animals.

Larger species, such as elephants and giraffes, have the luxury of super-sized seating, resulting in delightful photo opportunities where visitors appear amusingly miniature. In contrast, smaller animals like rabbits and mice are not forgotten; their petite benches offer a perspective where guests seem giant in proportion.

Zootopia large bench

Credit: @themeparkdustin, Instagram

Fans Go Wild for Benches

Theme Park Dustin, a Disney Imagineer at Shanghai Disney Resort, recently unveiled the hilarious benches. Fans on Twitter quickly fell in love with the wild creativity. Drew Disney Dude embraced being “obsessed” with them, and others felt the same. In spite of this, they did question if people would ruin the fun.

Zootopia at Shanghai Disney Resort

However, the Zootopia land offers much more than just comically proportioned seating. Guests can experience an action-packed car-chase adventure in Zootopia: Hot Pursuit, interact with beloved characters from the film, and savor delectable Zootopian-inspired cuisine at Jumbeaux’s Cafe. Furthermore, Fashions by Fru Fru beckons shoppers with its diverse range of themed products, and a rendezvous with Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde at the Zootopia Recruitment Station promises to be a highlight for fans.

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Zootopia Hot Pursuit

Credit: Disney

As the countdown to the grand opening of Zootopia at Shanghai Disney Resort continues, fans are learning that Disney’s magic can manifest in unexpected places – like a simple bench that fosters laughter, creativity, and unforgettable moments. The Zootopia expansion really looks to be going all in on immersion!

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