‘Snow White’ Director Reportedly Joins Anti-Rachel Zegler Team

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These days, it seems like the upcoming Snow White film and the actress playing the main character are almost as controversial as the destruction of the Splash Mountain ride.

Disney fans have become shockingly divided over the casting of Rachel Zegler as Snow White, the progressive updates to the Disney Princess film’s plot, and the new characterizations of Snow White’s famous seven dwarfs.

Another Day, Another Snow White Controversy

Disney Fanatics’ responses have been so strong that many Disney fans are actually demanding the film’s cancellation. Some fans are also planning on boycotting the upcoming Snow White¬†movie by watching a different Snow White film on its premiere day — but if this report is accurate, then the movie’s very own director might want to join that boycott!

According to this report from Youtuber Mike Zeroh, the¬†Snow White¬†director (and Zegler’s co-worker) is “furious” due to her comments about the Disney Princess movie as well as the controversies surrounding her.

Zegler has apparently antagonized the director not by behaving unkindly on set, but by suggesting that her co-star Andrew Burnap (who plays the Disney Prince) could be removed entirely from the film.

Zegler seemed to merely be using the removal of Burnap’s character, Jonathan, to exemplify the fact that the Disney Princess romance was not meant to be the focus of the new Disney movie, and therefore could theoretically be removed without doing much damage to the plot.

Unfortunately, Disney fans did not take it that way — and if Mike Zeroh is correct, then director Marc Webb didn’t take it that way either.

rachel zegler snow white

Images Credit: Disney; Rachel Zegler, Instagram

“He Wasn‚Äôt All That Happy”

“He wasn‚Äôt all that happy about Rachel joking around about how Andrew Burnap ‚Äď who, by, the way, is the main male lead ‚Äď could easily get cut from the film,” Zeroh alleged in the video shown above. “Webb reportedly really had a big issue with that line of dialogue.”

It has also already been made clear that Rachel Zegler is not a fan of the original Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs film and that she thinks of Snow White’s love interest as a “stalker” instead of a trustworthy Disney Prince.

However, it should be pointed out that many people (until they began attacking Zegler) had also consistently disapproved of the original Disney Prince’s characterization as well as the 1937 film’s entire storyline, just like she has.

rachel zegler snow white

Rachel Zegler is starring in the new Snow White film opposite Gal Gadot, who is playing the Evil Queen. Credits: 20th Century Studios and Disney

Will This Affect the Film’s Release?

Rachel Zegler is done filming her new Disney Princess role and the movie (which also stars Gal Gadot as the Evil Queen) is set to be released in 2024, so the lack of support from director Marc Webb might not do too much damage.

However, the fact that Disney Princess fans are making the movie infamous before it has even reached theaters (even after Disney recently tried to appease its angry fans with a different Snow White product, and even after the Barbie director became involved) is certainly telling!

Have you been keeping an eye on the controversies surrounding the new¬†Snow White¬†film? Did you already know that Marc Webb was (allegedly) unhappy with his film’s lead actress?

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