Are Disney Princesses Allowed to Fall in Love Anymore? Fans Spark Hot Debate

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The Disney princesses of old are still beloved Disney characters in the eyes of many Disney Fanatics — especially Disney Adults and young children who revel in Disney Park’s Character Meet and Greets — but these days, there are some negative connotations associated with the Disney heroines.

The new¬†Snow White¬†and¬†Little Mermaid¬†movies both feature heroines who focus less on falling in love with men and more on achieving their own personal goals or overcoming their stories’ villains. This might sound like progress, but some Disney fans are protesting the shift away from Disney fairy tale romances!

sleeping beauty kiss

Aurora with her Disney prince, Prince Philip. Credit: / Disney

So This Is Love…

Elle Fanning, who played Aurora in the¬†Maleficent¬†films, was happy to defend her character’s desires for romance, marriage, and motherhood in an interview that has recently been recirculating online.

A fiery discussion has also begun on Reddit; Disney fans are accusing the new Snow White¬†movie of causing man hate, but some fans are also singing the praises of classic Disney princesses’ love stories.

disney princesses

Princess Tiana, Rapunzel, Princess Jasmine, Mulan, Moana, and Belle are some of the well-known Disney princesses / Credit: Disney

“This generation is so triggered and wants us women to hate men so bad. Yes there are bad men, [but] there are [also] good men out there who deserve to be loved,” one passionate Reddit user wrote.

Snow White and her Prince, Disney

Snow White with her Disney prince. Credit: Disney

“Leadership Qualities” and Romantic Love “Are Not Exclusive”

“In the original story [of Snow White] she is literally saved by a prince!” they added. “You can cultivate leadership qualities as a woman and dream about love, romance and finding the right man. Those two are not exclusive qualities, that is a lie spread by feminist.”

“Disney movies are fairytales where a princess GETS rescued by the prince and falls in love!” they concluded. “WHAT IS SO WRONG ABOUT THAT?!”

Disney movies breaking the nuclear family, making it forbidden to love a man & portraying girls to be alone is so stupid
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The following question was also posed: “What is wrong with wanting to be swept off our feet and being saved by the prince? [What is wrong with] the prince‚Äôs kiss?‚ÄĚ

“A Warrior AND a Lover”

“Snow White is a warrior AND a lover,” a Twitter user chimed in, sharing images of Ginnifer Goodwin as Snow White in¬†Once Upon a Time, Lily Collins as Snow White in¬†Mirror Mirror (2012), and Kristen Stewart as Snow White in¬†Snow White and the Huntsman (2012).

Do you think that Disney princesses, and all people in general, should be able to embrace romance in their lives without losing any perceived independence or inner strength?

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