Aurora vs Snow White: Fans Pit Disney Princesses Against Each Other

disney princesses

The Disney princesses are all about being brave and kind — and, if possible, wearing some cute outfits along the way — but Disney fans are sometimes lacking when it comes to exhibiting their favorite characters’ characteristics in their own lives.

Now, Disney fans have begun to pit two Disney princess actresses against one another: seasoned Hollywood veteran Elle Fanning, and newcomer Rachel Zegler!

disney princesses

Elle Fanning as Aurora and Angelina Jolie as Maleficent. Credit: Disney

The Origins of Elle

Elle Fanning grew up in movies (sometimes starring in the same films as her equally-accomplished older sister Dakota Fanning), while Rachel Zegler is new to Hollywood after a standout role in the new version of West Side Story from 2021.

Elle Fanning joined the Disney family when she starred as Aurora from Sleeping Beauty (a Disney character who enjoyed a truly magical fairy tale wedding in the movie called Maleficent: Mistress of Evil), and Rachel Zegler is starring opposite Gal Gadot in the new Snow White movie.

snow white rachel zegler

Rachel Zegler is the new Snow White.

“Aurora is a Fighter But in a Different Way”

Disney fans’ comparisons of Zegler with the The Great star (who has won multiple awards for her performance on the show) are mainly stemming from an interview clip that has resurfaced, which shows Elle Fanning defending her character Aurora’s softer, more traditionally-feminine style.


“Aurora is a fighter but in a different way,” Elle Fanning explained in the interview about her Sleeping Beauty and Maleficent character. “I think there’s a strength in her femininity and softness and there’s nothing wrong with her wanting to be a mother and be married.”

“My mom always wanted to be a mom,” Fanning added, “and there’s a beauty in that and that is still strong, so it’s nice to represent that, you know, kind of woman.”

Rachel Zegler West Side Story

Rachel Zegler as Maria in ‘West Side Story’. Credit: 20th Century Studios

“It’s Not 1937”

In contrast, Rachel Zegler has made it clear that her new version of Snow White is meant to be an independent and modernized woman whose focus is not on finding a man (much like the shift in focus that Halle Bailey spoke about for the new Little Mermaid).

“It’s not 1937,” Zegler said when speaking about the film.

“Can someone get Elle Fanning on the phone with Rachel Zegler so Elle can explain to Rachel that not every princess has to be a leader and it’s ok to have your princess believe in love,” Twitter user @selsjackets wrote with an eye roll in the Tweet shown above.

“Snow White was never meant to be a “strong warrior” nor was sleeping beauty. Elle just gets it,” another Twitter user added, supporting the sister of Dakota Fanning.

Elle Fanning at the Maleficent: Mistress of Evil premiere

Elle Fanning at the Maleficent: Mistress of Evil premiere. Credit: Elle Fanning on Instagram

It is also worth noting that Rachel Zegler has been receiving some extra attention, both negative and positive, after openly speaking out about her pay during the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike.

Elle Fanning has not shared anything controversial on social media about the strike, which may be contributing to the lack of backlash against her.

Do you gravitate more towards Elle Fanning or Rachel Zegler — or do you think that it is unhealthy to pit two women against one another in general?

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