New ‘Snow White’ Faces More Backlash for “Making It Forbidden To Love a Man”

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Many Disney Fanatics and movie theater visitors have cottoned on to the fact that Disney is making a conscious effort to be more progressive and more inclusive.

This has alienated some Disney fans and pleased others, but when it comes to the upcoming live-action Snow White remake starring West Side Story actress Rachel Zegler, public opinions seem to be tilting in a generally negative direction.

Now, the new¬†Snow White¬†movie and the actress playing Snow White have just started to face even more backlash — this time, due to the new Snow White’s efforts to avoid focusing on romantic love in her story!

Snow White and her Prince, Disney

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Rachel Zegler (who also now finds herself embroiled in an unsanctioned Disney princess contest with the actress who played Aurora) has made it clear in the past that her version of Snow White will be a very modern Disney heroine who doesn’t need a man, because “it’s not 1937.”

However, this shift is not as well-received as one might think.

Disney princess romances are being shunned by Disney creators but mourned by Disney Fanatics — and both Zegler and the team behind the new Disney movie are being blamed for the change!

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“Portraying Girls to Be Alone”

The actress (who also recently attracted some ire after demanding to be paid for every hour of¬†Snow White¬†streaming on Disney+) is being attacked in a Reddit conversation called the following: “Disney movies breaking the nuclear family, making it forbidden to love a man & portraying girls to be alone is so stupid.”

“I saw this interview about the Snow White movie,” the female Reddit user began, “where the main cast character said ‘It’s not 1937…She’s not gonna be saved by the prince and she’s not going to be dreaming about true love. She’s dreaming about becoming the leader she knows she can be.'”

The Reddit user also mentioned that “the prince [kissing] the princess [will] be removed cause [it] was ‘not consensual.'”

“This Generation Is So Triggered and Wants Us Women to Hate Men”

“This generation is so triggered”, the disgruntled Disney fan complained, “and wants us women to hate men so bad. Yes there are bad men, [but] there are good men out there who deserve to be loved”.

The angry Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs fan went on to say that “in the original story [Snow White] is literally saved by a prince,” that feminists are spreading lies, and that “this movie is [teaching] children, especially young girls that dreaming of true love is not a concept. ”

Disney movies breaking the nuclear family, making it forbidden to love a man & portraying girls to be alone is so stupid
byu/FaruinPeru inTrueUnpopularOpinion

Similar sentiments are being shared elsewhere online, with criticisms mainly being aimed at Rachel Zegler (who obviously plays Snow White) but also at Gal Gadot, the normally-popular Israeli actress who is playing the villainous Evil Queen.

“They’re Not To Be Trusted”

“Lots of thoughts about the Rachel Zegler and Gal Gadot Snow White nonsense,” one Disney fan wrote in the Tweet shown below, “but at the heart of it all is that these women do not know what they’re speaking on, and they’re not to be trusted. Snow White is a warrior AND a lover.”

The attack on the new¬†Snow White, due to the movie’s alleged attack on traditional romantic love and its place in Disney princess movies, has sparked some fiery debates about whether or not Disney princesses should continue to have love interests.

Is It Wrong to Want Motherhood and Marriage?

Maleficent¬†star Elle Fanning has ardently defended her Disney princess character’s beliefs in motherhood, marriage, and romances with men, and many Disney fans have spoken up about their own personal beliefs on the matter.

Do you think that the new¬†Snow White¬†and Rachel Zegler’s comments about her feminist version of Snow White are to blame when it comes to man-hate in feminism? Let us know on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

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