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Disney Admits “Woke” Politics Presents a “Risk” To Its Reputation

Disney's Woke politics hurting reputation

It’s been just about one year since Bob Iger returned as CEO of The Walt Disney Company, and to say that things have been difficult would be an understatement. Between trying to make Disney+ successful, keeping the theme parks a desirable vacation destination, having a billionaire trying to take over the board of directors, and Disney’s struggle at the box ...

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Bad Luck for Disney! Mouse House Incites Controversy Yet Again During Thanksgiving

disney thanksgiving controversy

This year, the Walt Disney Company has once again earned the ire of its fans and community with its Thanksgiving image. The Walt Disney Company has not had the easiest year. It’s been fraught with difficulty and controversy for the Mouse House. For one, 2023 saw Disney CEO Bob Iger working around the clock to ensure that the company would ...

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Disney Filmmaker Piles On, Attacking New ‘Snow White’ Movie

disney snow white

There are some Disney heirs or Disney-affiliated people (such as Disney Legends or Walt Disney Imagineers from Walt Disney Imagineering) whose names are instantly recognized in the Disney Fanatic community. One name, however, might be a little less obvious! David Hand has recently spoken up about his own thoughts on the upcoming live-action Snow White remake, after experiencing a personal connection to ...

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Are Disney Princesses Allowed to Fall in Love Anymore? Fans Spark Hot Debate

disney princess romance

The Disney princesses of old are still beloved Disney characters in the eyes of many Disney Fanatics — especially Disney Adults and young children who revel in Disney Park’s Character Meet and Greets — but these days, there are some negative connotations associated with the Disney heroines. The new Snow White and Little Mermaid movies both feature heroines who focus less on falling in ...

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Auli’i Cravalho Responds to “Woke Disney” and the Ongoing Strikes

moana auli'i cravalho

These days, Disney fans seem to be divided between complaining and cheering when it comes to Disney’s efforts to be more inclusive in its most recent films. Some critics have even begun calling the Walt Disney Company “woke Disney.” However, Moana actress Auli’i Cravalho recently revealed in an interview with Yahoo Entertainment that Disney is definitely not perfect when it ...

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Designer Brings Groundbreaking Change to Disney Costumes

disney inclusive adaptive costumes for wheelchairs

Many Disney fans are familiar with the Walt Disney Company’s concentrated efforts to be more inclusive, particularly in the Disney Parks. Gender-neutral changes at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique recently caused quite a stir, and Disney’s notable focus on inclusivity in its most recent films has also turned new movies like Elemental into the talk of the town. However, one of ...

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The Truth Behind Disney’s Original Plans for Princess Tiana

disney princess and the frog

These days, the 2009 animated Disney movie called The Princess and the Frog is a hot topic due to Princess Tiana’s upcoming Magic Kingdom ride (which will be called Tiana’s Bayou Adventure and has, reportedly, caused its predecessor Splash Mountain to start acting out in bizarre ways). Princess Tiana has become an iconic Disney princess, with many Disney fans appreciating the movie’s ...

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Academic With Dwarfism Defends Disney Against ‘Snow White’ Haters

snow white dwarf casting

In an article for Metro, academic Erin Pritchard shed a great deal of light on Disney’s casting changes for the upcoming live-action adaptation of the 1937 animated movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The Infamous Leak Disney recently began facing a lot of backlash after some on-set photos from the set of the new Snow White movie (which stars West Side Story actress Rachel Zegler ...

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REVIEW: Disney Princesses Will Flee in the Face of Netflix’s ‘Nimona’ Hero

cinderella looks terrified at shapeshifting nimona

These days, it is no secret that the Walt Disney Company has been openly trying to be more inclusive (or as some people say, “woke”) across all of its mediums. Gender-neutral Disney Park Cast Member names, the ongoing political battle with Florida leader Governor Ron DeSantis, and LGBTQ+ relationships in animated movies have left Disney Park Guests and Disney audience ...

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