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Steven has a complicated relationship with Disney. As a child, he visited Walt Disney World every few years with his family. But he never understood why kids his age (and older) were so scared of Snow White or Alien Encounter. He is a former participant of the Disney College Program (left early…long story), and he also previously worked in Children’s publishing, where he adapted multiple Disney movies and TV shows. He has many controversial opinions about Disney…like having a positive view of Michael Eisner, believing Return of the Jedi is superior to The Empire Strikes Back, and that Toy Story Land and Galaxy’s Edge should have never been built (at least not at Hollywood Studios). Every year for the past two decades, Steven has visited either Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Aulani or went on a Disney Cruise. He’s happy to share any and all knowledge of the Disney destinations (and he likes using parenthesis a lot…as well as ellipses…)

Gruesome Video Shows Beloved Disney Animatronic’s Arm Torn Off

Snow white looks surprised as she stands in front of cinderella's castle, which is illuminated with twilight skies and intricate architecture, in a fairytale setting.

Typically, Disney’s more recent attractions, such as the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind receive nothing but praise. But as of recently, The Walt Disney Company has been under fire in the past couple of years over not keeping up with its usual standards. This has been the case with its theme parks, special events, ...

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Guest Calls Out “Bird Feces” and “Mystery Dirt” at Disney World

guests holding nose outside cinderella castle

Is Walt Disney World going downhill? The Walt Disney Company has been under much scrutiny lately. Whether deserved, exaggerated, or honest is another conversation. But in the past couple of years, it has been criticized for getting involved in Florida politics and accused of being “woke.” Disney Standards Separate from those issues, however, many people have pointed out what they ...

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What’s Worse Than a Disney Adult? Hint…it’s Not Influencers

A smiling woman wearing a blue long-sleeved shirt with a Captain America shield emblem on it, and a headband featuring a large bow with Captain America-themed stars and stripes, stands against a light blue sky background.

Disney Adults have an infamous reputation nowadays. Disney Adults There has been reporting on how this specific group of Disney fans is ruining the Disney experience for others. Examples may include individuals who budge families or kids for popular rides or engage in cringe-worthy annoyances like reciting lines from pre-shows. Related: Warning Signs You Are an Infamous Disney Adult It’s not ...

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‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit 2’: The Sequel We Deserve

Roger Rabbit 2 movie

It is perhaps the most beloved film of a generation. It broke records, won awards, and was critically acclaimed. Distributed by Disney just before the Disney Renaissance of the ’80s and ’90s, Who Framed Roger Rabbit still maintains a presence in Disney Parks with Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin at Disneyland Park and appearances by characters such as Judge Doom ...

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The Nazi Donald Duck Cartoon That Was Banned in Russia

Donald Duck Nazi

Disney cartoons are no stranger to controversy. Whether we are talking about Song of the South, LGBTQ characters, or stereotypes depicted in older classics such as Dumbo or Peter Pan. When it comes to problematic characters and images, there seems to be no shortage in the Disney vault. But among the many feature films that have sparked debates, boycotts, and ...

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Does Disney Make Too Many Sequels? CEO Bob Iger Doesn’t Care

Disney Sequels

Audiences are tired of Disney sequels…but apparently, the new-age genre isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Disney CEO Bob Iger has a lot on his plate nowadays. When he decided to step back into the role over a year ago, he unlikely knew what he was stepping into. In recent years, the company stock has dropped to lows not seen in ...

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Guests Demand Changes to Space Mountain

Johnny Depp and Space Mountain

Walt Disney World Resort is home to the most iconic rides of all time. Even people who have never visited the theme park resort have at least heard of its famous attractions such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Space Mountain, and the Haunted Mansion. Disney rides have become engrained so much in pop culture that their name is synonymous with ...

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Is Crime on the Rise at Walt Disney World?

disney ticket system patent

Crime isn’t the main thing people think of when they consider Walt Disney World Resort. Disney World is a place where families can make memories together as they meet Mickey Mouse, ride Space Mountain, or take in a fireworks show in front of Cinderella Castle. Unfortunately, it can also be an opportune place for thieves to take advantage of distracted ...

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Sanity-Saving Tips For Walt Disney World with a Baby or Toddler

guests riding dumbo, magic kingdom

Visiting Walt Disney World Resort with a baby or a toddler can be a dream vacation…or not. There are many factors that may play into the success of such an endeavor. But the most important one is you (or the adult bringing the child) prepare for it. Taking a few moments (or hours) to plan, prepare, and research can make ...

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Former Walt Disney Company CFO Speaks Out: “The Disney I Know and Love Has Lost Its Way”

Disney desperate for Wish success

The Walt Disney Company has had some recent turnover in the past few years. In addition to its CEOs swapping, its former CFO Christine McCarthy stepped down, as well as the Chief Information Officer, and the company’s chief diversity officer and senior vice president Latondra Newton. But before all that was Jay Rasulo. Related: No One Is Coming To Save The ...

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