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‘Snow White’ Haters Announce Boycott Plans, Watch ‘Mirror Mirror’ Instead

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Back in 2012, two very different¬†Snow White films were released in theaters — and now, in 2023, Disney fans are about to see one of those movies experiencing an intriguing resurgence!

Disney Fanatics are apparently feeling so appalled when it comes to the upcoming live-action¬†Snow White¬†movie from Disney (which will star the controversial actress Rachel Zegler) that they are planning on protesting the movie’s release by deliberately watching a 2012 Snow White film on the new movie’s opening night.

snow white rachel zegler

Rachel Zegler is playing Snow White in the new ‘Snow White’ film, opposite Gal Gadot (who is playing the Evil Queen from the fairy tale).

Mirror, Mirror…

Mirror Mirror is a somewhat-campy yet still-beloved Snow White film that was released in 2012 (and was released just as the dramatically-grittier Snow White and the Huntsman film, starring Kristen Stewart, was released).

Lily Collins (a real-life Disney Princess who happens to be the daughter of Tarzan singer Phil Collins) plays a kindhearted and soft-spoken version of the fairy tale princess in the film.


Lily Collins as Snow White in ‘Mirror Mirror’. Snow White’s evil stepmother and Evil Queen is Queen Clementianna in this film, and she is played by Julia Roberts. Credit:

Feisty, But Not TOO Feisty?

Her version of Snow White does show off some feisty personality traits, especially when dealing with her love interest (who is played by Armie Hammer) or her villainous stepmother (who is played by renowned actress Julia Roberts).

Overall, however, the impression given off by Lily Collins is still a fairly demure and lighthearted one.

snow white with a bird

Credit: Disney

A Not-So-Magical Premiere

“Honestly, when [the new¬†Snow White]¬†comes out I might just watch Mirror Mirror for the millionth time,” one TikTok user admitted in the comments of a video lambasting Rachel Zegler’s personality.

Other¬†Mirror Mirror¬†fans supported the decision, and one TikToker declared that they were definitely “watching Mirror Mirror on the day this movie releases.”

The Ginnifer Goodwin version of Snow White from the hit series¬†Once Upon a Time has also been brought up repeatedly as the PR for the new¬†Snow White¬†film continues to spread, with Disney fans praising the Zootopia star’s tough, passionate, and sweet version of the heroine.

So, apparently, there will be a whole lot of Mirror Mirror viewings happening in March of 2024 — unless Saoirse Ronan’s Snow White movie miraculously comes to fruition (after years of stagnation) and steals even more of the new Snow White film’s limelight, that is!

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