Fans Continue To Attack ‘Snow White’ Star, but for an Unexpected Reason

rachel zegler snow white

When¬†West Side Story¬†came to theaters last year and Rachel Zegler took the musical theater world by storm, many Disney Fanatics could not have predicted that Zegler would become both Disney’s Snow White and Disney’s (arguably) most controversial Disney Princess.

Actress Halle Bailey received an enormous amount of racist backlash before her Little Mermaid movie premiered this summer, but overall the hatred being sent her way seemed to be focused on one element: racism.

Punished for Being Too Outspoken?

Disney fans and audiences actually specifically praised Halle Bailey’s sweet disposition and soft-spoken demeanor during the press tour for the film.

In contrast, Rachel Zegler (who has also faced some racist backlash due to her Polish-Colombian roots) mainly seems to be facing criticisms that are directed towards her outspoken nature and her unabashedly-direct responses in interviews about Snow White!

rachel zegler snow white

Rachel Zegler is playing Snow White in the new ‘Snow White’ film, opposite Gal Gadot (who is playing the Evil Queen). Credits: 20th Century Studios and Disney

TikTok user Lynn Wolverton is just one of the Disney fans who has headed online to viciously attack the young actress and singer for her comments during the Snow White press tour.

Wolverton, like many of Zegler’s other haters, is choosing to focus on the¬†West Side Story¬†star’s personality rather than her acting or singing abilities (which have been proven to be very impressive).

Should Rachel Zegler Play the Evil Queen Instead?

“I can’t be the only one wondering why that Rachel Zegler girl was cast as Snow White and not the Evil Queen, because I have yet to see any Snow White quality out of this actress,” the Disney Princess fan declared in the video shown below.

Even though Zegler recently shared an apology video after being accused of being “ungrateful”, Disney fans like Wolverton are still insisting that “this girl’s PR is nothing but bitterness and negativity towards the character she’s portraying.”

Part of the backlash against the singer does stem from her interviews about the “extremely dated” 1937 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs¬†film, since Zegler has criticized the original Disney Princess for falling in love with a “stalker and making romance a priority.

Who is actually going to go see the Snow White remake now after seeing all of those Rachel Zegler interviews now? Girl, that is not how you promote a movie like what is going on? ūüėĎ #lynnenchantsvacations #snowwhiteremake #rachelzegler #disneyprincess #disneymovie

‚ô¨ original sound – Lynn Wolverton

Disney’s Alleged Double Standard

Wolverton also cast aspersions when it came to Disney’s alleged double standard regarding Cast Members versus Disney celebrities.

“A Cast Member can’t even say one negative little quality about Disney or they’re threatened to be fired. Some even GET fired,” the TikToker complained.

“I don’t even understand how Disney is okay with her promoting the movie in this light,” she added angrily.

rachel zegler snow white

Rachel Zegler is playing Snow White in the new ‘Snow White’ film, opposite Gal Gadot (who is playing the Evil Queen). Credits: Disney / Canva

Lynn Wolverton also added in a comment that “the way this girl comes off is very condescending and ungrateful,” despite the aforementioned apology video.

“I remember when people were up in arms that she wasn‚Äôt invited to the Oscars…And now I am wondering if it was deliberate,” another TikTok user commented wryly.

“No one wants this remake anyway,” Lynn complained. Several Disney fans supported Lynn’s statements, and some even added that they will be deliberately watching another Snow White movie on this film’s premiere night in protest!

It’s certainly true that some Disney fans are asking Disney to cancel¬†Snow White¬†entirely — but would you be interested in seeing another live-action Disney Princess film, despite Zegler’s alleged “bitterness about playing the role of Snow White?

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