Fans Called Out on Hypocrisy Over Rachel Zegler’s ‘Snow White’ Comments

rachel zegler snow white
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Nearly seven years ago, Disney announced that they were in the early stages of a live-action remake of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Five years later, West Side Story star Rachel Zegler was cast as the titular princess. Almost immediately after Zegler’s casting was announced, people had problems. They did not like Disney’s choice, as Zegler is part Polish and part Colombian. The actress did not let the comments get her down and frequently talked about her excitement about playing Snow White.

Rachel Zegler

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It’s not only Zegler’s casting that people have a problem with — it’s things that Zegler has said about the original animated film, which came out in 1937. Zegler has criticized the original film for making it about a woman who has no purpose other than to fall in love. She also called the Prince a “stalker” and said the whole thing was weird. She has said that the new movie would tell a more modern story, with Snow White having more control over her choices.

Rachel Zegler Snow White

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Fans have attacked Zegler for her comments. They have called her entitled and questioned why she even took the role if she didn’t like the film. Zegler also admitted that she only saw the original movie once before she got the role. Zegler has defended her comments, but recently shared a message where she called herself the most “grateful” person alive.

rachel zegler snow white

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However, now a new group is coming to Zegler’s defense. Multiple people have called out the hypocrisy in hating on Zegler for what she says, when male actors have talked negatively about their own films and not received the same amount of hate. Those critics specifically pointed to Robert Pattinson and Harrison Ford.

harrison ford and robert pattinson actively hate star wars and twilight and yet it’s hehe funny and all rachel zegler did was say snow white scared her as kid

Pattinson — who starred in the hit Twilight franchise — has made dozens of negative comments over the years. He has said that the original book that the film is based on should have never been published. He has also said that it was “strange” that people even liked the film. Pattinson admitted that he ran out of the film’s premiere and compared Edward (his character) to an axe murderer. He was also open about sharing his excitement that the franchise was coming to an end.

the fact that it’s always been treated as funny and quirky with those two but with her it’s a problem makes my blood boil

For his part, Harrison Ford has been honest in his views about the role that made him a household name — Han Solo in Star Wars. Ford has said that he never liked the character, because he didn’t have much going on. He said that Solo had “no mama, no papa, no future.” He also admitted that he wished Solo was killed off earlier because he had no story responsibilities.

There were even rumors that Ford agreed to return to the role for The Force Awakens if his character was killed off.

Harrison Ford Han Solo The Force Awakens

Credit: Lucasfilm

The criticisms of Zegler will most likely not slow down anytime soon. They will probably only increase as the film gets closer to its release date and Zegler goes on promotional tours (if the SAG strike is over by that point). Snow White is slated to hit theaters on March 22, 2024.

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