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Angry Fans Place Snow White’s Future on ‘Barbie’ Director’s Shoulders

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There might just be a savior waiting in the wings for the much-maligned upcoming¬†Snow White¬†film — and that savior just wrapped up a little film known as¬†Barbie!

The new 2023 summer film called Barbie has become a cultural phenomenon, and director Greta Gerwig is the woman being credited with a great deal of the film’s success (although potential Pirates¬†star Margot Robbie and self-professed Disney Fanatic Ryan Gosling also played their parts).


Simu Liu, Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling in the Barbie movie, Credit: Warner Bros.

Hey, Greta!

The upcoming¬†Snow White¬†movie has been dealing with far more than its fair share of backlash, ranging from attacks based on the dwarf characters’ casting to attacks based on the personality of lead actress Rachel Zegler.

Disney has recently tried to throw its fans a bone with a special Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs¬†release, and Zegler herself has at least one undeniable asset that might end up endearing her to Disney Princess fans, but some film enthusiasts are placing all of their hopes for the film’s turnaround success on the skills of¬†Barbie¬†director Greta Gerwig!

Gerwig is now¬†‚Äúthe first solo female director with a billion-dollar movie,‚ÄĚ according to CNN, and she is the one who has written the screenplay for the new Snow White¬†live-action remake.

The new Disney Princess movie’s take on feminism and Disney Princess romances certainly has made some Disney fans do a double-take, but focusing on Gerwig’s involvement seems to be cooling some Disney Fanatics’ tempers drastically.

Part of that reaction no doubt stems from Gerwig’s impressive career. The director has created critically acclaimed movies like¬†Lady Bird from 2017 (which, as it happens, also starred a potential Snow White actress) and Little Women from 2019 (which starred the Disney Princess Emma Watson).

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Credit: Disney

Will Gerwig Smooth Out This Snow White’s Rough Edges?

Gerwig is known for creating independent, forthright, and well-rounded female heroines — so even though Rachel Zegler’s descriptions of her Disney Princess movie might rub some people the wrong way, the chances are high that Greta Gerwig will lend a hand in making the change in Snow White’s demeanor a bit less rough around the edges.

As Vogue pointed out, there is also “a wealth of material that Gerwig could draw on from the original fairytale.”

Some Disney fans are already planning on boycotting the new movie — and specifically watching this cult favorite instead — but Gerwig’s influence on the film might be the saving grace that this new¬†Snow White needs!

Are you going to give the new Disney Princess movie a chance?

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