Disney Finds Another Way to Exclude Jack Sparrow

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Credits: Disney, Rare, Canva

Most Pirates of the Caribbean fans already know that Captain Jack Sparrow is on his way to extinction (even if he will live on in many Disney Fanatics’ hearts) since the actor who played the iconic swashbuckling pirate does not seem to be coming back for his Disney role anytime soon.

Depp Went Out of His Depth

The American actor Johnny Depp charmed audiences of all ages while playing Captain Jack Sparrow, but the defamation trial involving his ex-wife Amber Heard and the controversy surrounding him led to the pirate character’s removal from the Pirates of the Caribbean films’ future.

Rumors are still swirling through the Internet ether when it comes to whether or not Disney is trying to woo Johnny Depp back — and whether or not Depp is actually willing to return — but Disney has still been quietly removing Depp’s character from a variety of Disney products.

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Credit: Disney

Now, a popular video game and computer game series (which previously included Captain Jack Sparrow) has just followed suit! In a collaboration with Rare, Disney created an adventure and pirate-focused game called Sea of Thieves: A Pirate’s Life. 

Rare had already created the original Sea of Thieves game, but because pirates were the focus, making a special Captain Jack Sparrow-focused game was the obvious next step.

Fans were thrilled to see the Pirates of the Caribbean character in the game, and you can see clips from the game in the trailer shown below!

A Pirate’s Life for Me

“That character seems cool, they should make a movie about him,” one person had jokingly remarked after the release of the trailer.

Now, another Sea of Thieves game is being released on Steam, Windows IO, and Xbox.

Captain Jack Sparrow was joined by other Pirates characters like Davy Jones in the Pirate’s Life game — but now Jack is nowhere to be seen in the new game, which is called Sea of Thieves: Legend of Monkey Island!

johnny depp as jack sparrow

Johnny Depp is known for playing Captain Jack Sparrow in the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ films / Credit: Disney

According to Inside the Magic, “many fans believe that Jack Sparrow not being a part of this game – when he was a part of the last one – reveals Disney’s plans to move on from the character entirely.” However, it should still be emphasized that this is only conjecture so far.

The game’s players might be sad to see Captain Jack Sparrow being left out of this game after having such a standout role in the previous installment, but perhaps Depp will indeed return to his role someday!

Have you played any Pirates of the Caribbean video games or computer games, or do you prefer to simply watch the films? Will you watch any Pirates of the Caribbean movies that don’t include Depp’s character?

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