‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Producer Doubles Down On Wanting Johnny Depp Back

Pirates of the Caribbean reboot
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In 2018, Aquaman star Amber Heard had an OpEd published in The Washington Post. In that OpEd, Heard claimed that she was the victim of domestic abuse during the years that she was married to Pirates of the Caribbean star, Johnny Depp — although, she never specifically named Depp. The OpEd quickly went viral, and Depp was dropped from many projects he had in the works. That OpEd began a long and heated battle between the two that ended with the exes suing each other for defamation.

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After a six-week trial, a jury found that Depp and Heard had both said defamatory things about each other, but Depp was more the victim. Heard was awarded $2 million in her lawsuit against Depp, but Depp was awarded more than $10 million. During the trial, Depp said that Heard’s OpEd had cost him $22 million when he was dropped from Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean 6. Disney never confirmed that the movie was in the works, but it was expected that Depp would return to the role of Captain Jack Sparrow.

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While Disney may not have addressed bringing Depp back into the Disney family, there is one person who wants him back — Pirates of the Caribbean producer Jerry Bruckheimer. Over the many years Bruckheimer and Depp worked together on the popular franchise, the two became very close. Since the trial has wrapped up, Bruckheimer has said more than once that he wants to work with Depp again.

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During an interview with Deadline, Bruckheimer was once again asked if he wants Disney to bring Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow back for another Pirates of the Caribbean film. Bruckheimer was all for it.

“Yeah. I think Johnny is another friend and amazing artist, and again , you go through things in life that you wish you hadn’t. But he’s still a talented artist.”

In the past, Bruckheimer has alluded to Depp’s tumultuous relationship with Heard, and the fact that they both admitted to being verbally and emotionally abusive to the other. And while he finds it unfortunate that an actor’s private life can affect their work life, he believes that Depp is a good person and deserves to come back to the role he made legendary.

Johnny Depp Pirates Return

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With Depp still out of the Disney fold, stories had been circulating that Disney was still working on continuing the franchise. Bruckheimer even confirmed that there were two scripts in the works. For a while, Disney was apparently working on a new Pirates film that would star Margot Robbie. However, that movie has now been put on indefinite hold. Bruckheimer says that it’s not dead, but not moving forward until big changes are made.

Disney Fanatic will keep readers updated should we learn anything more about a potential new Pirates of the Caribbean film.

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