Margot Robbie’s ‘Pirates 6’ Movie Will Return, According to Jerry Bruckheimer

The Margot Robbie Pirates of the Caribbean film was canceled, according to Margot Robbie herself -- but producer Jerry Bruckheimer says otherwise.

It seems like Disney and Margot Robbie have had their wires crossed! The Oscar-nominated Australian actress had recently told Vanity Fair that her version of Pirates 6 would not be happening, and that Disney completely “didn’t want to do it” anymore, but producer Jerry Bruckheimer has revealed that this may not actually be the case.

According to Variety, the Margot Robbie Pirates of the Caribbean movie is “not dead”. Instead, it is just reportedly being put on the backburner while Disney focuses on the other version of Pirates 6 that was on the table — and no, Jerry Bruckheimer and Disney have still not confirmed whether or not that version will include Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow (even if sources say that it will, and that Depp is already getting ready for filming).


The Margot Robbie Pirates of the Caribbean film was canceled, according to Margot Robbie herself — but producer Jerry Bruckheimer says otherwise.

This means that we might still see Margot Robbie as a pirate in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise — and, happily, it also means that the recent rumors about Disney completely ditching the entire franchise may not be true after all!


The Margot Robbie Pirates 6 movie has supposedly been postponed, but not definitively cancelled. Photo Credit:

Pirates of the Caribbean movies and Captain Jack Sparrow both have very passionate fans — so much so that many of the fans signed petitions, spent a lot of money on Captain Jack Sparrow Halloween costumes, and revealed plans to boycott any new installments in the series that didn’t have Johnny Depp in them.


Orlando Bloom as Will Turner and Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow in ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl’ Credit: Disney

Even though the Margot Robbie movie has not been a popular idea among Jack Sparrow fans, some fans have still remained optimistic about its potential.

Judging by producer Jerry Bruckheimer’s statements, it sounds like those optimistic fans might get their wish for some new Pirates of the Caribbean content — just a bit further down the line than they might have expected!

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