Sneak Preview of Star Wars Galaxy's Edge At Disney World Resort

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge

The long awaited addition of Star Wars Galaxy's Edge  is upon us.   Set in a particular timeline of the famed movies, somewhere between Episode VIII: The Last Jedi and Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker, this ancient space port is located in the Outer Rim's Unknown Regions.  Smugglers, pirates, bounty hunters and rogue adventurers now occupy this long-forgotten interstellar commerce center.  Now it's a great place for those who don't wish to be found!

Black Spire Outpost is the name given to Batuu's capital.  The spires are all that remain of petrified ancient trees which stand guard along the valleys and plains of this inspirational city and became the heart of the outpost.  Instead of reliving the Star Wars movies you've already seen, Black Spire Outpost is a story yet untold, as star-faring visitors are becoming increasingly aware of a First Order presence which is invading the star port.  Where the First Order goes, the Resistance isn't far behind… General Leia Organa has ordered her troops to infiltrate Black Spire as well and take up residence in the ancient ruins on the outskirts of the city. Read on and discover more of what the new Star Wars Land has to offer visitors!

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