Space 220 Restaurant Now Operating With a Virtual Queue

Credit: Disney

Following yesterday’s crowds at the official opening for Space 220, EPCOT’s newest restaurant, Guests in the park today are reporting that they are able to join a virtual queue and thereby avoid crowds and lines.

At the restaurant’s opening, Guests were seen running to Space 220 from the entrance of EPCOT right when the park opened to get themselves a space in line. (The restaurant is not accepting advanced dining reservations under the same system as other Disney restaurants until September 27, 2021).

Space 220 Restaurant

Credit: Disney

Thankfully Disney quickly devised a virtual queue system for Space 220 (that we do not expect to be around in the future when the restaurant switches over to regular reservations, unless it takes the form of the current walk-up availability option in the My Disney Experience app, or something similar when Disney Genie rolls out.)

Walk-ins are only planned to be available this week, and Guests hoping to dine in space can head over to the restaurant where a Cast Member will greet them and put them into a virtual queue, filling in available timeslots for lunch and dinner.

Space 220 Restaurant

Credit: Disney

Virtual queues do typically tend to account for some mixed opinions among Disney Guests, but given the three and sometimes four hour waits Guests experienced yesterday to get into the restaurant, we think this is a solid move. While some virtual queues for attractions can be a cause of stress (like the Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance queue which thankfully, or not depending on your opinion, was just paused) this move seems like a helpful decision for Guests hoping to visit Space 220 Restaurant while in EPCOT this week.

It seems that a number of decisions are being made on the go regarding Space 220 Restaurant, so we are really curious to see which of these changes stick or come back later. (Another recent update from the restaurant involved clarification that souvenir sippers and trading cards are only available when there are children in your party ordering off the kids menu.)

Disney’s Art Rendering of Space 220

We’ll be sure to share any additional updates from Space 220 as we hear of them, and in the meantime, we’d recommend getting to work securing your reservation for after September 27!

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