STOP! You’re Doing Magic Kingdom Wrong! 8 Things You Should Never Do At Disney’s Most Popular Park

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At the Magic Kingdom, there are plenty of things you should do; however, there are also plenty of things you should NEVER do. There are so many ways to get the most out of your trip to the Magic Kingdom, and it’s important to make sure you don’t do things that would keep it from being amazing!

8.) Never be scared to bring in food

Coming from a large family who always does Disney on a tight budget, we know that in order to maximize our money, we bring in food to the park. Not only do we take in healthy snacks to help boost our energy, but we also take in water (which is a huge expense!) and things for lunch, such as sandwiches or lunchables; doing this saves an incredible amount of money, and takes the pressure off of trying to find the best (and cheapest) place to eat. So, never be scared to bring food into the park, or it could negatively affect your experience!

7.) Never forgo researching where to eat

If you do plan on dining in the Magic Kingdom for any meal, you MUST do research and have a plan in mind before you step foot in the park. Many restaurants require reservations beforehand, and even if you plan on going to one that doesn’t, you should still know where it is, what the menu offers, and how expensive it is. If it does require a reservations, you can begin making them up to 180 days in advance of your visit. Making sure you know where and when you’re going to eat can drastically change the way you experience the Magic Kingdom.

6.) Never leave without buying at least one souvenir

Since the Magic Kingdom is the biggest and most popular park, it has some of the coolest and best souvenirs in all of Walt Disney World. It would be an awful trip to the Magic Kingdom if you skipped out on getting a small souvenir, even if it’s a tiny keychain to commemorate your visit. You should always make sure to grab at least something small, even if it’s not worth a lot. One of the best parts of my Disney trips has been when I look back at the knickknacks I’ve picked up over the years, I can tell exactly which trip it came from, and the memories come flooding back to my mind. I would highly recommend never skipping the chance to buy a souvenir; they’re worth it just to remind you of all the fun you had in the Magic Kingdom.

5.) Never avoid the “kiddie” rides

Many people believe that rides in the Magic Kingdom such as Its A Small World and The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh are too childish/unimportant during their busy day at the Magic Kingdom; these people totally miss the point of visiting the Magic Kingdom. This park in particular is about magic and enchantment; not just rollercoaster after rollercoaster. Rides that may seem like they’re intended for children are actually some of the most enchanting, detailed rides in the entire park. Missing out on these experiences is like missing the quintessential part of the Magic Kingdom: fantasy and charm.

4.) Never wear uncomfortable clothing

Whether you like it or not, the Magic Kingdom requires a LOT of walking. This park is huge, and unless you want sore feet and bad sweat stains, you should NEVER wear uncomfortable clothing in the park. I’ve seen women walking around in 4 inch heels while it was raining and men in long sleeve black sweaters in the middle of July; these people could not have looked more miserable. When you go to the park, you must take into consideration what would be most appropriate for your plans in the park, the weather, and the sheer size of the Magic Kingdom. I always wear comfortable clothing and shoes, and if it’s cold, I always layer. Since the Magic Kingdom is in Florida, you can never tell how predictable the weather will be, so always wear things that are comfortable!

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3.) Never leave a map unused

No matter how many times you’ve been to Walt Disney World, you should always use one of their complimentary maps; getting one and not looking at it is something you should NEVER do. Even if you think you’ve got the Magic Kingdom totally figured out, you’d be surprised by how many things can change there, or how your usual route can be totally affected by a parade or construction. The Magic Kingdom also constantly opens new attractions and entertainment, and you’ll need a map to find where those things are. Maps are meant to be used as tools to make your day in the park easier; they highlight bathrooms, baby care centers, first aid, and other useful places in addition to the rides and restaurants. Not only that, but once again, they’re complimentary- so it’s totally free to grab a few!

2.) Never refrain from buying a Dole Whip or a Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bar

No matter what your preference is, you cannot skip out on getting one of these delicious treats. Dole Whips are delicious, pineapple soft-serve treats that have become some of the most popular treats in the Magic Kingdom, and are my personal favorite. Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bars, on the other hand are delicious chocolate-coated ice cream treats on a stick that melt in your mouth, and are also incredibly popular treats found in the Magic Kingdom. No matter what your preference, though, you can never go to the park without getting at least one of these treats.

1.) Never skip-out on Fastpasses

One of the ways to make the most out of your Disney trips is the use of Fastpasses, which allow you to skip the huge lines for rides and go right to the front. You can begin to reserve 3 Fastpasses up to 60 days before you go to the park if you’re staying on Disney property, and up to 30 days if not. Once you use these 3 Fastpasses, you can then use reserve more passes in the park. These passes allow you to cut wait times by more than half; so instead of waiting 120 minutes for Space Mountain, you’ll wait 5-10 minutes. By using these nifty tools, you are making your day much easier, by allowing yourself to go on rides without stressing out about wait times. You should NEVER do the Magic Kingdom without reserving these because of how useful and important they are to a good day in the park.

If you’re going to do the Magic Kingdom right, make sure you follow these tips. There’s nothing worse than doing it the wrong way and leaving the park dissatisfied, when, as Briar Rabbit would say, everything is satisfactual!

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